Dayre App: Hassle-Free Singaporean Blogging Platform is Making a Revival

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Doxxing is a serious and prevalent issue in Singapore and there have been several cases of it, be it for good or bad intentions. That being said, it is common to feel restricted by what you can say or post on Instagram/Facebook, or feel uncomfortable sharing something with everyone who follows you. In this day and age, the internet has truly become a scary and foreign place for anyone to share their thoughts, opinions and feelings. It is easy to get paranoid about others using your own words against you. This is why some users, ourselves included, create ‘dodgy’ accounts or blog on Dayre to put down the mask and share unfiltered content with people they are close with and trust.

Good news, Dayre is back and pumped up with a ton of new features! 

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What’s Different when You Blog on the New Dayre App?

Before we touch on how Dayre safeguards your privacy, here are some of the features that the Guidesify Team found different from the original version of the hassle-free blogging app:

  • You could only post square photos in the past. Now, posting photos of any dimensions (landscape, portrait, etc) is allowed.
  • The word limit has now increased and you can type more than 500 words for each post! 
  • The in-app search function is now available, as compared to only being able to search for like-minded women via hashtags.
  • You can now include hyperlinks in your posts and have full access to all stickers. 
  • Ever felt weird “liking” a sad post? The problem is now solved with the hugging function. You could now react more appropriately with a “hug”.
  • There are also different privacy settings available – For all Dayreans, close friends and own viewing only

Home to many subcommunities – Community-driven 

Behind Dayre is a heart for women to be able to share their life experiences with other women. Dayre has a network of like-minded women who understand what you’ve been through and where you’re coming from. Just a simple search on Dayre with hashtags and you will be able to discover many other women who resonate with you. 

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The more popular subcommunities include #DayreFatties, where foodies talk about their new cafe and food finds; #DayreBeauty, where people discuss their insecurities about acne and post authentic reviews on beauty products; #DayreBrides, where upcoming brides share their tips for planning their big day. 

On a more personal note, Dayre is also home to several subcommunities where women can freely share their (more private) struggles and stories, without being judged. #DayreTTC, also known as “Trying to Conceive” is a sub-community where women share about their struggles, the judgement and the pressure they feel from not being able to conceive. There are so many women out there who are facing such problems but are unable to freely share and talk about it, fearing that they might be judged even more. Hence, such a sub-community gives them a platform where women in the same boat could share their problems and support each other. 

Privacy & Staying Ad-Free for the price of a Cup of Bubble Tea – Monthly Subscription Fee

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How private you may ask? 

Dayre sets its whole website to be unsearchable via search engines (the website will not be crawled by the Internet) and keeps it entirely ad-free as well.

On top of that, the platform takes online bullying or trolling seriously. All these measures taken ensure that your data is always safe from the eyes of data companies, creepy stalkers or worse. 

So feel free to rant to your heart’s content without judgement and well within your comfort zone.

At a very affordable fee of S$4.48 monthly, you can enjoy all these benefits and type your thoughts out with a peace of mind!

A Platform for All – No Matter How You Identify Yourself

Dayre Cover Image

Image Source: Dayre

Dayre may be a safe haven for women, it doesn’t mean that other gender identities are not welcome. As long as rules are followed, all users can stay and seek refuge on the platform.

Sounds like what you need or can’t wait to join Dayre for the second time? Visit and install Dayre here!


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