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How to Get a Deeper Rest at Night by Practicing Sleep Hygiene

deeper sleep hygiene
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If you’re struggling to sleep at night, or waking up in the early hours and unable to get back to sleep, there is something amiss with your sleep hygiene. Practicing good sleep hygiene means that you are giving yourself the best chance of having a good night’s sleep by having an optimal sleeping environment, looking after yourself, and keeping a routine. With a deeper rest at night, you will feel more productive the next day, less exhausted during the daytime, and have better overall health as your body has been able to recover each night when winding down through sleeping. Here are some effective ways that you can practice and improve good sleep hygiene to ensure that you get a better sleep at night. 

Keep a Sleep Routine

As humans, we develop habits within weeks of following the same routines and rituals that we set ourselves. This is great news for your sleeping pattern, as it means we have the power to influence how our bodies will eventually know to switch off each night and wake up each morning. However, this takes time and commitment. 

To get into a sleeping routine, you need to make sure that you are getting into bed and getting out of bed at the same time every day. It may mean that you have to skip the weekend lie-ins, as practicing sleep hygiene requires commitment if you’re wanting to see results with your sleep. Having regular wake-up calls and bedtimes means that your body can develop a natural rhythm. Therefore, make sleep your priority over socializing, work and Netflix. Once your body is into this sleeping routine, you won’t even be able to keep your eyes open to stay up late anyway! 

Invest in a Good Mattress and Pillows

Investing in a good mattress and set of pillows will mean that your body is well-supported each night in a comfortable setting and you will not wake up with aches, pains and eventually spinal problems. Whilst it is worth spending a bit more on your mattress and pillows to ensure they are high quality, you can quite often find higher-quality items available for less during a Cyber Monday mattress sale

Be Active

During the day, being active in any way possible will mean that your body craves rest at night and this can ensure that you will sleep soundly. This doesn’t mean you need to run miles every day, but walking instead of driving your car, or spending time stretching in the morning and evening, can ensure your body earns that rest at night. 

Keep Tidy and Clean

Having a tidy living space and bedroom means that your mind can switch off at night without clutter or bad smells keeping you up. Encouraging an atmosphere of tranquility and peace can be induced through calming scents like lavender, and you should try to block out as much light as possible – either through curtains, or by wearing an eye mask. Some people find silence creates their optimal sleeping space, whereas others prefer soothing sounds to be played in the background, like rainfall or crashing waves.

While how we sleep will differ from person to person, everyone can find their perfect combination of good sleep hygiene methods to help to promote a deep sleep at night. You may need to try out various different methods and tips that we have recommended, as well as consult a doctor should your sleep problems continue because it’s worth keeping in mind that there are treatments available for serious sleep disorders.


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