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Driver Booster 7 Pro – Definitive Review & Promo Code 2023

Driver Booster 7 Pro - Definitive Review & Promo Code 2020
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Ever tried updating a driver via device manager? Updating drivers is part of essential maintenance work when it comes to having a PC that will run smoothly. Hardware components with outdated drivers are more likely to cause problems. Unfortunately, the inbuilt device manager by Microsoft will always determine for the user that the best driver for any device is already installed, which in most cases, creating a falsehood that there is no need for any firmware updates. This is where IObit Driver Booster 7 Pro comes in handy. Read on… this guide contains a Driver Booster 7 Pro Promo Code (25% Discount Here) so you won’t be disappointed!

Driver Booster Pro 7 Promo Code 2023

The actual price. No fake markups. Experience the best PC maintenance tool for up to 3 PCs per key.
Discount will automatically be applied when you use our link below.

Urgh, there is no way anyone will search for updated drivers for every individual device component on their PCs.

Why Driver Booster 7 Pro Works?

Driver Booster 7 works not only because it streamlines the scanning process but also because they have one of the largest driver databases.

That is more than 3,000,000 device drivers and game components stored in their library!

These drivers also originate from legitimate sources, that is, the official manufacturers’ websites.

Hence, IObit’s driver database has passed both Microsoft WHQL test and IObit test for ensuring authority and security.

You can update all outdated drivers with 1 click, even on the free version.

Of course, the Pro version, which is highly recommended by the Guidesify team, has a larger database with rarer drivers like gaming components. 

The speed limiter is also removed.

What if the Update Goes Wrong?

Nothing is impossible if you can imagine it.

Updating devices with an incompatible driver can sometimes break your PC entirely.That being said, software developers are naturally proficient when it comes to error handling, and this issue is effortlessly mitigated with a backup feature, the Rescue Center.

The Rescue Center is a one-stop solution to backing up or rolling back your devices before and after any update is performed. Backing up is automated on Pro accounts.

Previous drivers can be easily restored safely so you can roll back to your old setup if something goes wrong.

If it can’t be fixed with a driver restore, Driver Booster 7 also has a system restore function. This helps you restore the computer back to the state it was in before the selected restore point.

Once again, if you have the pro copy of Driver Booster 7, the backup is done automatically prior to any driver update. No more fear of corrupted devices!

More Tools to Fix any Common Windows Issues!

Driver Booster 7 doesn’t stop at updating outdated and external device drivers. 

By selecting the tools icon on the left panel of the application, both the free and pro versions of Driver Booster offers some useful mini tools to fix common Windows issues.

Again, with a single click.

From network failure to grave errors like the blue screen of death, users no longer have to crack their brain to come up with or search the web tirelessly for a convoluted solution to fix their PCs.

A significantly better user experience some might say!

See any of the tools that could have saved you in the past before?

Driver Booster’s Game Boost – Activate When There’s Lag

Windows 10 does come with a Game Mode, but is there any way users can configure its settings?

The answer is no.

But with Driver Booster’s own iteration of Game Mode, Game Boost, users can now easily configure which processes should be shut down while gaming.

Check those that are unnecessary for gaming, or simply select recommended on the bottom left of the screen

To get the configuration settings:

Step 1. Select the rocket symbol on the left panel of Driver Booster 7.

Step 2. At the bottom of the Game Boost “card” screen, select configure. This will open up the configuration settings.

Step 3: Select the processes to be stopped to release more system resources for your current gaming session. You may choose to filter and sort the processes by pressing on the “Unnecessary for gaming” column and select processes that are highly unlikely to be needed while gaming.

Step 4: Press Boost and Game Boost will be switched on.

We recommend turning on Game Boost only when you are gaming or experiencing lag, especially if it’s a laptop.

Game Boost will typically drain up laptop batteries fairly quickly.

Be warned!

Do you see up to 90% off for Driver Booster 7 Pro on other sites?

Well, we hope you are woke enough to realise that it’s probably too good to be true.

Don’t believe us?

iobit driver booster discount

Click on any of those ‘highly discounted’ links and check the final price for yourself.

Marketing is the name of the game and sometimes less ethical tactics are utilised by coupon sites to bait you into buying the product through their affiliate links.

Fortunately, we don’t do that at Guidesify. 

Our discount link displays the accurate maximum allowable discount/promo code given by IObit – 25%. 

Driver Booster Pro 7 Promo Code 2022

The actual price. No fake markups. Experience the best PC maintenance tool for up to 3 PCs per key.
Discount will automatically be applied when you use our link below.

Hence, this brings Driver Booster 7 Pro to a very affordable price point of 17.21 USD (before tax)!

Tip: Pay in USD using the YouTrip (Use our promo code/referral code GSF5 during the signup process and receive $5 on your YouTrip card or app for free!) or TransferWise Card.

This helps you to reduce the exchange rate spread and to avoid inconsistencies in the price of your software!

Our Take on Driver Booster 7 Pro – Value for Money

After using the free version of Driver Booster 7 Pro by IObit for almost 5 years, we can safely say that the free version is sufficient for regular users who only use their devices to surf the net.

It kicks up your PC performance by several notches as compared to other internet users who are ill-informed or simply not interested to make driver updates part of their PC maintenance routine.

On the other hand, if you are a gamer by heart, or use your computer for more intensive work, the Pro is hands down a must-have!

At a glance, here’s what the Pro copy has to offer:

Safer & Faster Driver UpdatingDriver Booster FreeDriver Booster Pro
Automatically scan & identify outdated, missing & faulty drivers as scheduled
Update outdated drivers with 1 click
Only provide drivers passing Microsoft WHQL test and IObit Review test
Compressed driver package with smaller size to save time
Larger database to update more outdated & rare drivers 
Unlock driver update speed limit
Automatically backup all drivers for safe restore
Auto download, install and update drivers during system idle time 
Easily fix device errors for Better Performance 
Better Game Performance
Automatically silences notifications of Driver Booster when a full-screen task is running 
Boost game performance by stopping unnecessary processes 
Priority to update Game Ready Driver for smoother and better game performance
Improve gaming experience with necessary game components 
Optimum IObit Service
Auto update to the latest version
Free 24/7 technical support on demand

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