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How to Own an eCommerce store for Free Forever

Shopify Sucks
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If you intend to open a small eCommerce store, you must have seen those Shopify ads. But Shopify is free only for the first 14 days. After which, a monthly fee of S$38/month applies. Maybe you only want a mini store to sell a limited number of stuff, or add it to your current website/blog to promote your self-made products. Let’s cut the crap and paste the links right here give you what I’ve found after hours of research and comparing:


Yes, there are no gimmicks, in fact, I’m using one myself right now here.

As Long as you don’t purchase more item slots or any other premium features (you won’t if you only have a small range of products up to 10), the free plan is sufficient for your small eCommerce store as it includes full features like account creation, address book, delivery options, delivery charges, geographical settings, auto invoice and much more.

However, in the case where you have more than ten products to sell, ecwid charges $12/month for any seller to list up to 100 products along with several premium add-ons. Still cheaper than Shopify huh?

2. Easy implementation in 5 Mins

Yes, that’s right. Just five mins and you’re all set up and ready to go. A simple paste of your code on an existing website, blog, Tumblr, WordPress and your store will automatically appear on your page with plenty of customisable widgets such as shopping cart, search bar, categories. Products can also be modified to be viewed in a grid, list or table format. You can check for more details here.


3. Facebook Store Installation Included for free?!

Oh yes, it’s really for free too, you can launch it from your ecwid dashboard and press the install button. Once done, you will be redirected to the details section where the app will ask you which Facebook page (which you own) do you intend to install it on. Fill up all the relevant details, and your Facebook Store will be live instantly. 

Take note: Please do not be confused with the inbuilt Facebook shop. The Facebook Store that ecwid provides is like an app on your Facebook page, displaying and linking everything from your original ecwid store, hence taking care of all inventory changes in real-time.

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4. Mobile App for iOS/Android


Wow, a free app that provides everything essential seriously. The mobile app for ecwid is TOP class. It allows you to upload new products, manage inventory and delivery rates. What’s more, you can sell your products on the move! Meaning you can scan barcodes and stuff and add orders in real life, syncing any inventory changes and placing orders.

Update: Mobile App is now only free for first 14 days because they realise too many features are given for free.


 5. Easy and Satisfying Customer Experience

Ecwid provides a very professional customer experience, from start to finish ensuring the reputation of your store is always at its best. Tracking for orders and delivery options is flexible for your client to choose if you want and payment is usually by PayPal (meaning they can pay by any method). Customers can manage their account details, shipping address, orders. The best part: you can issue promo codes and discount vouchers to your clients during sales period to retain your customer loyalty. (Additional charges apply.) 

 Payment by several methods through PayPal.

Of course, there are many premium features available in ecwid that makes it a competitive app and viable eCommerce solution for your needs. (Next cheapest plan is $12 a month, still cheaper than Shopify) But hey, if you’re just starting or wanting to try eCommerce, this is a free solution not to be missed!

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