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ESET Internet Security: Increase Your Antivirus Protection

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The anti-virus industry has pretty much stayed the same over the years. There haven’t been many revolutionary features besides ransomware protection and regular virus database updates, which are technically just a reaction to big phenomenons that have already happened. Not exactly how we would want an anti-virus software to work, i.e to preempt threats before they even happen. Not to mention, is there even any anti-virus software that offers easy online remote monitoring, crypto protection or anti-theft features? Fortunately, the answer to the question is ESET Internet Security, an advanced cutting-edge internet security software made easy that provides comprehensive protection for everyday users.

Combining simplicity and advanced revolutionary antivirus features, we explore ESET’s most popular antivirus product, ESET Internet Security, in detail.

ESET online security

Easy to Register in seconds

Like all software, ESET Internet Security is focused on delivering the best possible user interface to its users. We found the registration process relatively easier and worth mentioning, where the interface has been broken down to plain simple options that don’t complicate things with unnecessary fluff. 

The registration window displays 4 different options:

  1. Use a purchased License Key – Simply enter the license key that you have purchased online or in-store and voila!
  2. Use License Manager – A new and recommended feature, users can now login to to activate with a license that you have added to the license manager module. 
  3. Free Trial – Just trying out? Test ESET Internet Security for FREE for a limited time. Users will just need to enter their email address for the trial.
  4. Purchase License
ESET Anti Virus Registration

State of the Art Computer Scans – Increased Detection Rate

Being a multi-award winning antivirus brand, ESET offers protection from both old and new malware. To test this, the Guidesify team did an initial full scan with various top-notch antivirus software, cleaning the detections right afterwards. 

This helps us compare the virus databases that each software company has.

We then conducted the full scan with ESET Internet Security, scanning all local disks. The results came back more than satisfactory, detecting 18 more infringements. This proves that ESET has a more advanced scanner, capable of detecting more persistent malware by employing more layers of encryption to conceal its activity and more recently, advanced machine learning.

ESET Anti Virus Computer Scan

The advanced machine learning feature is incorporated on top of all its current technology (cloud-powered scanning), where it not only helps to proactively stop unknown malware by comparing it with their cloud-based reputation system, but also runs it locally. The local layer is specifically intended for detecting advanced, never seen before malware, while having near-zero impact on performance.

For a full description of ESET’s antivirus technology, read the official release here.

Anti-Theft – Not just the Regular Location Tracking 

Eset Anti theft

ESET is serious when it comes to anti-theft. On closer look, it offers so much more than just location tracking.

Upon marking your device as missing, ESET® Anti-Theft web interface at will begin automatic monitoring of the missing device’s location. Whenever the device comes online, ESET can estimate the approximate location by analysing any of the WiFi networks that are in the range of the missing device, along with the frequented IP address. Using the laptop’s inbuilt camera, you can watch photos and screenshots of the thieves and their activity on the device.

Eset-Anti-Virus Frequent IP Address

Does it all sound like plain old anti-theft practices to you? That’s because this is just the beginning of ESET’s Anti-theft feature.

Eset-Anti-Virus Phantom Account

Optimising Anti-Theft for maximum security, a phantom account is created during the anti-theft setup under the optimisation tab. This account will be used to lure thieves into thinking that the laptop is unprotected, where all they are doing is accessing a Guest account. ESET will also block access to all active accounts, securing any sensitive and private information in those accounts.

Last but not least, you can also send a one-way message via the ESET online interface, improving the retrieval rate of your stolen/missing device.

You can also test the feature out first to know what to do when an unfortunate incident happens.

Bank and Crypto protection

Banking & Payment Protection automatically shields your internet banking sessions and provides a unique secured browser through which you can securely shop and spend online. You may also use it to access web-based crypto-wallets. 

This feature is available on both ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium.

Transparent Updates – Always Know What’s Happening!

Eset-Anti-Virus Updates

We can all agree that no one wants an antivirus software that acts like a virus itself. ESET Internet Security always notifies its users what’s new in each software update, giving a better understanding of how the antivirus technology works.

For nerds, you can even explore the features further in detail, or simply email the tech support team for some nerd talk.

ESET Internet Security is currently retailed at $45.90 per year. You can try out their fully-featured 30-day trial first to make your own call!


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