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Firefox Free VPN: A Quick Overview

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We are sure most of us here use Google Chrome for our daily internet surfing activity. We are most likely right since 64% of the web usage history comes from Chrome. Not many of us pay attention to less popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera and the used-to-be popular Mozilla Firefox. Behind the shadows, Firefox has been working on a free VPN, and you can also try it now.

What is VPN?

Before we dive deeper, we will give a quick rundown on what VPN is. Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows users to send and receive data securely while browsing the data. Basically, it allows you to browse the internet anonymously and increases your internet privacy. It is definitely recommended if you are using a public WiFi, in case some hackers try to steal your data.

How can I get the Firefox Free VPN?

Now we can explore what Firefox Free VPN is. Mozilla, parent company of Firefox, recently unvealed the Firefox Private Network under its Firefox Test Pilot Program. Mozilla picked Cloudflare as its partner for the VPN service. To try this VPN, you have to be in the US. Yeah, bummer for the rest of the world. On you laptop or desktop, head over to this website to install the plugin. Click the new icon that appears on the taskbar and you can start using your VPN.

How much does it cost?

Currently, the VPN is free for all users. However, Mozilla stated that this is “free for a limited time”. We can only infer that it will be a paid service in the future. In the previous partnership between ProtonVPN and Mozilla, it costed $10 USD per month. Honestly, this is very expensive as there are much more reputable VPN services out there offering a lower price. Hopefully, Firefox Private Network will be much much cheaper.

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How does Firefox Private Network Perform and what are its features?

As expected, there will be some drop in your connection speed when connected to a VPN. During tests done by other users, the drop in download speed is not significant and thus we will give it a pass. The VPN also changes your IP address so there’s increased privacy. However, you are not able to select which server to connect to it so if you are planning to change your location for browsing other countries’ Netflix, tough luck.

Firefox is not the first browser to offer VPN service. Opera has been doing it for years. There are also smaller browsers such as Epic Browser, which is chromium based, that also offers VPN in their browser. If you are die-hard Chrome user, there are also free extensions available.


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