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Fiverr Gigs: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide to Freelancer Marketplace/Platform

Fiverr Gigs Ultimate Guide
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What is Fiverr? If you still do not know what it is, you have been missing out (for around seven years). It is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace. To put it simply, any online service you can think of can be purchased there. You name it; they got it. These services, called Fiverr gigs, are mostly priced at 5 USD.

Fiverr gigs mainly cater to lean entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses at affordable costs. For example, instead of directly engaging an SEO company for thousands of dollars, startups can choose to outsource it via gigs for a fraction of its price. However, make no mistake. Not all Fiverr gigs can be trusted. Therefore, here are a few pointers that we would like to share before you commit the same mistakes we made.

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Sellers with Speed are Sellers with Sincerity

The key to a smooth and pleasant experience at Fiverr is the communication between Fiverr buyers and sellers. With the huge influx of orders placed every single day, it is common to see late replies from sellers or even being ignored in some cases. Sellers who thrive are able to still able to reply constructively and promptly while handling the huge volume of Fiverr orders, earning the trust and respect of their buyers.


Kreativopro is one such level 2 seller (Level 2 means that he offers multiple gigs) who has impressed the Guidesify Team with his services. One of the services we have engaged with is the speeding up of this very website itself! Replies were consistently sent within 60 seconds and orders were completed way ahead of schedule. Kudos to Kreativopro!

What does the Yellow Star Badge beside a seller mean?

Top-rated sellers. These are the sellers who are handpicked by the Fiverr editors. TRS promotions are typically handed out based on the seniority, sales volume, ratings, level of customer care and other undisclosed factors. In most cases, you can trust TRS in delivering their promises stated in the purchased gig. However, you should still be watchful as good people can still do bad things. 

SEO ozzieuk top rated seller
Top rated seller ozzieuk delivers his promise time after time. He specialises in SEO and engages only white hat practices.

Worthless Reviews

Positive reviews can be a good indicator of the popularity of a particular seller. In most cases, this demand is correlated to the quality and reliability of the gig. However, if you were to scroll down to the bottom of any gig to get a more in-depth analysis, you will often notice that a huge proportion of positive reviews are published like this:

Positive Review Fiverr

As you can see, most of these positive reviews are generic and do not reflect the experience of these buyers. It is vital to know that tonnes of buyers on Fiverr are inexperienced. The lack of experience and tehcnical knowledge is probably the reason why they outsourced it here in the first place.

Negative Review Fiverr

Similarly, even if you do happen to read a large chunk of negative reviews on a Fiverr gig, do not be alarmed for the same reasons. Besides, some of the feedback might be left by their competitors too. Do take your time to read the non-generic reviews and decide for yourself which gig suits you the best. At the end of the day, take all reviews with a pinch of salt. It’s your five bucks after all.

Promotions from Sellers and Fiverr

Fiverr loves to reward their buyers! Receiving promotions and free credits from time to time is common. The only problem is that these offers are usually pushed to their users through email newsletters. You are advised to mark/prioritise mail from Fiverr.

On certain occasions, some Fiverr sellers might start their own promotions too. One particular vendor that does a remarkable job on this is youngceaser


youngceaser has established itself as a reputable SEO company ever since 2012. Managed by 2 Bulgarian brothers, it offers a broad range of internet marketing services to cater to anyone with any budget. Recently, youngceaser has started its promotion where you can try out any basic Fiverr gig for free. To our knowledge, giving them five stars positive reviews will also earn you another free order.

About Web Traffic Gigs

It is no secret that there are tonnes of fraudulent web traffic gigs available on Fiverr. These gigs will do their utmost to bait you, frequently guaranteeing an insane amount of bogus traffic. The traffic could be geo-targeted and in the form of direct, social and even organic (search) traffic. Additionally, minimal tracking ( is also provided to show click statistics. Such gigs also “reward” their customers by increasing the amount of traffic driven if they were to place a good review.

Fiverr Web Traffic Gigs

Most newbies will fall prey to such gigs mainly due to greed. Some of them might even vouch for these crooks as they are unable to differentiate between bot and legitimate traffic, or are incapable of deciphering the analytics data of their site. 

However, not all web traffic gigs are illegitimate. If you are still keen on purchasing traffic, here are a few astute things to do to become more competent and clear-sighted on Fiverr:

• Only go for gigs that promise a reasonable amount of traffic i.e. 30-500 visits for 5 USD. A thousand onwards is highly suspicious and might even get you AdSense banned.

• Ask whether UTM tracking is available, alone is inadequate.

• Ask whether sales and leads are guaranteed.

• Check the average time spent on page or session duration via Google Analytics. Bot traffic usually has an average of 0 – 3 seconds session length.

• Referral traffic does not mean that it is legitimate. It can be manipulated using bot software. Double check it with Google webmaster tools and see whether the results tally.

Scam: What to do next?

In the scenario where you are confident that the gig is not delivering as described, you should always contact the seller directly first. For example, inform and report the problems you are facing with it and try to work something out. Sellers will issue a refund most of the times to safeguard their reputation from getting exposed as a fraud.

Mutual Agreement Cancellation
Edited to protect identities and summarise conversation between buyer and seller.

If the situation continues to escalate, you may consider reporting the seller to Fiverr’s support team for resolving this. The support team will promptly open a ticket and try to provide a resolution within 1 – 2 working days. When all else fails, the only option left is to construct a well-written negative review and risk not getting a refund. You should only do this as a last resort. Furthermore, do note that you are not allowed to modify or reply to your feedback once submitted.

We hope you found this guide useful and that you have a pleasant experience on Fiverr. Do bookmark this page for future updates to our comprehensive guide and follow us on Facebook!

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