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Need to Ship Something Overseas? Here’s the Best Solution for You.

EasyShip Best Shipping Solution
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This is by far the best solution we have ever come across (for SG, HK & China), sending large parcels as far as United States, Europe, Canada, etc. for S$10+ only is now possible. Read on, and you will never regret.

Ever wanted to expand your eCommerce across borders but always felt that shipping is overpriced and will never negotiate a bulk discount from any courier due to low shipping volume? Or just want to ship something bulky to a friend/relative? Easyship will make that possible.


Disclaimer: We are an affiliate and promote them as a sponsored article. However, all content is non-biased and accurate!

Who can use: Anyone who has a parcel needed to be shipped overseas!

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How it works: Easyship functions in a way where it finds and searches for the best or cheapest option from an Arsenal of 80+ courier companies and list it in the most user-friendly way possible.

The best choice is usually the fastest but most costly option, select the second one which is the cheapest possible one you can find on the market!

After you made a selection with a few clicks, instructions for labelling, packing and dropping off/pickup are given. From then on, everything is automated for you from auto-completed necessary documents, managing your order, centralised tracking details to logistics and easy integration of this app to any Major eCommerce Platforms.

 Just a few platforms you can integrate easyship with.

Why you should use: Not only does it save you time, Easyship saves you a tonne of trouble which most eCommerce startups face when trying to expand across borders. This solution gives you more time to focus on improving sales instead of wasting time contacting various couriers etc. (or you’re just an ordinary individual, it will save you a whole lot of work).

Shipping Rates are also always displayed in real time, letting you pay only the right price for the cheapest or fastest courier service. There are also shipping discounts of up to 70% worldwide using Easyship. Another fantastic reason why you should switch over to this service.

Payment Methods: PayPal, Stripe or Alipay.

Other Information:

  • There are No Subscription Fees. Only pay as you ship!
  • Takes literally 1 minute to Sign up!
  • No hidden prices, what you see is what you pay!
  • Basic, Premium and Gold rates with different discounts given to businesses of different sizes.

Bonus: Since you’re reading this, you probably have a tight budget (don’t take offence if you’re not!). Here’s a tip: use the free eCommerce solution ecwid!

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