Guide To Setting Up Your Own Unique Man Cave With A Golf Simulator

Guide To Setting Up Your Own Unique Man Cave With A Golf Simulator
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As stress from work arises, having a place where you can lock yourself in a room with all the amenities you’ll need and be able to put away all your worries is getting more appealing.

Whether it’s a Friday night or the night before the start of a long weekend, hanging out at your own man cave sounds like a great time to chill with friends and family.

Although conventionally man caves consist of games like pool tables and foosball tables, a new trendy addition is now available to make your man cave special: golf simulators!

While traditionally playing golf means going under the scorching heat and walking long distances across the range if you have no golf cart, you can now enjoy golfing from the comfort and convenience of your man cave!

Setting Up a Golf Simulator Man Cave

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Though it doesn’t need as much space as a real golf course, there are certainly some technical and physical requirements to setting up a golf simulator.

Let’s learn about setting up your own golf paradise, from choosing the right space to adding things that complement the golf simulator in your man cave.

Choosing the Perfect Space

Since a golf simulator still involves the user swinging around a golf club and the ball flying off somewhere, it will be crucial to select an optimal space for your golf simulator. 

Ideally, a golf simulator room should be around 4.5 meters in width, 3 meters in height, and 6 meters in length. 

This ensures enough room for swinging comfortably without restrictions, especially if you intend to use a radar-based launch monitor which may require more space.

However, if you’re limited on space, a camera-based system can work with less depth, allowing you to create a setup in a smaller area. 

Whichever of the two types of golf simulators you decide, however, you must ensure you have enough clearance to swing your clubs safely.

On top of that, ensure that you have decent lighting in the area so that no sunlight or any form of unwanted lighting interrupts your golfing sessions by disrupting the screen’s display.

Don’t forget to consider the electrical plug placements so that your process of setting up your golf simulator and its cable management can be seamless.

Designing Your Golf Simulator Man Cave

While the golf simulator can be the highlight of your man cave, consider incorporating additional features to enhance your experience. 

Here’s a look at some essential additions to consider including in your man cave, especially if you intend on having visitors sometime in the future.

Essential Additions To Your Man Cave

Golf simulators offer a fantastic way to enjoy your favourite sport from the comfort of your home. To complement your simulator setup and create the ultimate man cave, consider adding these:

1. Pool Table

A closeup of billiard balls and sticks on the p table

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Pool tables are a definite staple of man caves. Whether you are alone or with friends in your man cave, pocketing the final 8-ball or 9-ball is always enjoyable.

Especially if you intend to host many friends in your man cave, one pool table can grab the attention of up to 4 people per game in case the golf simulator gets too popular.

Regardless, pool is a great relatively slow-paced and relaxing game that also gives the perfect opportunity for its players to socialise and catch up with one another.

2. Comfortable Seating Area

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Every man cave should be a safe and cosy spot and nothing describes that more than comfortable sofas and chairs.

When placing your sofa and chairs, ensure that you place them in the appropriate place, such as facing the available games or TV if you have any.

However, don’t forget to keep them at a safe distance from your golf simulator so that the user who’s swinging their club doesn’t hit anyone!

3. TV Setup

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The perfect way to complement your comfortable sofa would be to get a TV set. Whether you’re getting an ultra-wide think-screen TV or an ordinary one, a TV is sure to brighten the mood of your man cave.

With a TV, you can watch your favourite shows and movies or even get a gaming console like a PS5 or a Nintendo Switch to further complement the gaming options in your man cave.

4. Home Bar

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If you enjoy going to bars to drink, why not consider having one of your own? With a home bar, you can be your own bartender, mixing your own drinks and avoiding overpaying for alcohol.

Furthermore, if you frequently invite friends over and they bring alcohol as gifts, having a home bar is perfect for storing these drinks for you to create your own mix and share it with your friends.

After you’re done playing your golf simulator or while taking a break, having a home bar in your man cave will be perfect to let you get a drink and refresh! 

It’s the perfect spot to unwind, enjoy drinks, and socialise after all the golfing and gaming.

5. Home Gym

Who says that a man cave must always be solely a room for games? You can always also have a mini-gym inside your man cave!

Of course, you don’t need to make a full-fledged gym. Essentials like a treadmill, a bench, and dumbbells will do just fine in case you want to take a break from gaming and go for a run or pump iron.

Hope you’ve gained some insight into preparing and setting up your own man cave!

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