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Heartland Travel Series: Places To Explore In Punggol And What Activites You Can Do

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Did you know, that the word Punggol in Malay means hurling sticks at fruit trees to bring the fruits to the ground? It also refers to where the Malays would sell their fruits wholesale.

Now, Punggol has transformed from a quiet village into a vibrant neighbourhood. With houses with a view of the waterfront, there is so much you can explore when visiting Punggol!

In this article, we will explore the unique places and activities you and your loved ones can do!

Source: Google Street View

Punggol Container Park

First of all, container park? Well, you heard that right! Punggol Container Park features food stalls and a large variety of eateries. 

By using repurposed shipping containers (galvanized square steel not needed), they create a vibrant and unique design for their stalls!

Most outlets are open from 12 pm to 1 am, which makes it a perfect spot for dinner and drinks with your friends!

The live music performance one weekend also creates a nice atmosphere to unwind. Did we also mention that it’s also near the waterfront? So enjoy the breeze while you eat and chill!

Coney Island

Looking for a more adventurous activity to do alone or with your loved ones? Well rent a bike and ride down the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk which will bring you to Coney Island!

This mini island offers a unique escape with coastal forests and mangrove swamps. It’s also a great place to do bird-watching and spotting wildlife!

Fun fact: If you go near the coastal area and screen, you can actually hear your echo in 1 second!

The park is open from 7 am to 7 pm so remember to go early before it closes! Also to avoid the crowd!

Source: Google Street View

The Punggol Settlement

Wow, Punggol does have many weird names. But The Punggol Settlement offers a variety of seafood restaurants and bars with stunning sea views!

This area is a great spot for a relaxing meal after a whole day of exploring. Most stores open around 11 am and close as late as 10 pm. 

So far, I’ve been covering a lot of places near the shores. I think that is something unique that Punggol offer! Now it’s time to share the centre of Punggol!


SAFRA Punggol

Still thinking of a place for you and your loved ones to enjoy? SAFRA Punggol is the right place for you! 

It features an indoor water playground and bowling alley. They also have numerous dining options like Wingstop and McDonald’s! For the kids, there are arts and crafts workshops at the area and wall climbing activities if you want something adventurous.

For my SAFRA members, there is a D’resort chalet promotion and you can check it out here! Happy Staycay!

Source: Wikimedia 

Waterway Point

For those who want a more urban experience, Waterway Point is the latest shopping mall and it’s right beside the Punggol MRT station. The mall offers 2 Wings, East & West. Regardless of the wings, but offers a wide range of retail stores, dining options and even Shaws Theatre if you want to watch a movie!

Kids can also enjoy a free outdoor playground and water play area, parents can dine nearby with a good view!

Source: Wikimedia 

Punggol Plaza

Punggol Plaza, one of the ‘OG’ stop for destination. With a large variety of retail shops, eateries and your essential needs, you will never leave that place empty-handed!

From grocery shopping at the supermarket to dining at various food outlets, it definitely caters to all your needs! 

If you’re unsure of what to eat, there is a local hawker centre within the plaza which offers affordable local dishes that are worth trying!


For those travelling to Punggol for the first time, here is a step-by-step guide to explore all the recommendations that we suggested!

Start your day at Punggol Waterway Park, you can consider jogging or renting a bike to ride, and take the ride down Coney Island where you can enjoy the morning breeze and the touch of nature.

Next, the route will lead you to The Punggol Settlement and you can have your brunch! I would recommend their seafood but if that is not your forte then you can opt for other restaurants there!

Spend the next afternoon to head down to Punggol Waterway Point and you can end your day with dinner at Punggol Container Park.

Last but not least, you can head down to SAFRA Punggol to enjoy the recreational events happening. Or you can choose to do a shopping spree at Punggol Plaza or Waterway Point!

With this recommendation, you will never fail to notice the amount of greenery Punggol has to offer! Take this time to take pictures with your loved ones and enjoy the natural environment!


Punggol is one of the best places for people who want a balance of urban and nature! With shopping malls and waterfront parks right beside each other, You definitely will not regret coming here!

So get ready your travel plans and make the most of what this heartland has to offer!

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