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How to Buy JB Train Ticket (To Johor Bahru from Singapore)?

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Quick question: How do you cross the causeway to JB? Do you drive your own car? Or maybe take the public bus? Perhaps you walk across it for a quick exercise. Do you know what these ways have in common? You have to battle the jam during the peak period. One that beats the jam: a JB train ticket.

A pro hack from seasoned travellers is to take the train. Wait! There’s a train? Isn’t the Johor Bahru–Singapore Rapid Transit project on hold? Well, it is but right now there is still a way you can take the train to go to JB. We will be guiding you on where or how to buy a ticket to JB.

Buying the ticket

First, head over to Easybook. Click the train tab. Select one way (yes you have to buy the ticket separately if you are travelling to JB Sentral). Input your start and arrival location, departure date and the number of ticket you are looking at. After that, click search.

JB Train Easy Book

Image Source: Easybook

In the next screen, select the timeslot you want. After that, you can proceed to select your seat and make payment. Pretty straight forward.

Easybook JB to Woodlands

Image Source: Easybook

Cost per ticket

Another commonly asked question is how much does it cost? A ticket from Singapore to JB cost $5 SGD, and the ticket from JB to Singapore cost $1.75 SGD (used to cost $5 RM in the past.)

Is a JB Train Ticket Even Worth It?

For those with a quick math brain, you would have noticed you are paying more compared to taking the bus. Yes, we agree with you but we will definitely recommend buying it during peak season. The extra $2 to $3 could potentially save you an hour or two waiting in line to pass the immigration. For train rides, there is usually no need to wait in line for a long time. So yeah, we will definitely pay $3 for an hour for 2 hours of our time.

Do you have any more JB hacks? Feel free to share them in the comments!



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