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How to Fix Shaky Videos – VideoProc Stabilization Video Software (GoPro, 4K, etc.)

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Remember those days when we forget to bring along our video stabiliser equipment? Or when it runs out of battery? We bet you hate it when it happens, ruining what could have been a perfect video to keep for the memories. Scenarios like these are so common when stabiliser accessories and equipment are bulky and cumbersome to use. Fixing shaky videos isn’t exactly something very possible to do back then.

It is easy to realise that stabilising your videos are crucial as such videos are perceived to be considerably more professional than regular videos in most contexts. Fortunately, with the tech-driven world that we now live in, most of our recording devices such as DJI OSMO Action, GoPro do have a built-in stabiliser that produces the stabilised effect as well, albeit not as great. Post-production video editor with video stabilisation feature such as VideoProc by Digiarty are also available online to fix any shaky videos.

Disclaimer: The Guidesify Team was given a sample license of the full version to give our fair and honest review of VideoProc’s GoPro Deshake Feature. Our opinions do not represent the official position of any organisation or person. Besides, opinions change all the time. Nothing is constant.

VideoProc – Simple Method to Fix the Shakiness of your Videos

VideoProc GPU 4K GoPro

VideoProc is essentially a beginner-friendly video processing and editing software that boasts a powerful GoPro Deshake feature. It contains all the functionality of a basic video editing software, deliver the best output quality possible without losing frame and is the only truly full GPU accelerated video processing software, i.e. level 3 hardware acceleration.

Here are the following steps to stabilise your shaky GoPro 4K videos or any other video formats if applicable:

Step 1: Add Source Video to VideoProc 4K Video Processing Software

Launch VideoProc and tap +Video to add shaky video footage from your hard drive. You can add more than one video for post-stabilisation at a time.

Step 1 Add Video

Step 2: Navigate to the Video Stabilization Feature.

Click “Toolbox” at the bottom menu of the software, and then “Deshake.”

Step 2 Navigate Deshake

Step 3: Adjust the Settings of Deshake

Double clicking on the Deshake icon will open up the settings window, allowing you to adjust parameters such as shakiness, accuracy and more (refer to the example below).

VideoProc Adjust Settings of Deshake Fix Shaky Videos

You may visit VideoProc’s stabilise GoPro video guide for more comprehensive instructions.

Video Guide:

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