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How to Select a Suitable Office Space to Maximise Productivity

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Chicago is home to many tech mavens, artists, and writers. The tech-savvy giants keep the city’s entrepreneurial spirits high. Needless to say, the Loop is Chicago’s financial and cultural center. It is the second-largest central business district in the US. Also, it is the headquarters for more than ten Fortune 500 companies. These corporates probably searched online for office space for rent in Chicago, to achieve maximum productivity. Let us look at some of the factors that will help you choose the right office space for enhanced productivity.

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An Efficient Layout

Your office layout should be more than physically dividing the area among different departments. A practical plan will serve the needs of your staff as well as clients. For instance, a mobile marketing company on W Adams Street in Chicago has a bridge between the elevator and workspace, across an interior courtyard.

The office space design has spiral arcs that employees traverse on two-wheelers to reach the war room — these wow factors aid in maximizing productivity. Similarly, the layout should take care of intricate details like aligning the cafeteria away from client meeting rooms.

Exclusive Work Zones

An office space plan must give equal importance to privacy as it offers to employee collaboration. An area can serve an individual, where the space is just right for employees to sit with their laptops and work peacefully.

More contemporary design has zones with long tables and couches, like the one at a brand design agency in Chicago’s West Town area, where large teams can have informal discussions. Such zones enable work-related brainstorming and collaborative sessions. 

Optimized Storage Facilities

Storage is a critical factor in deciding the right office space. Along with paperless storage solutions like cloud, excellent physical storage facilities are equally important.

For instance, a tenant in the Universal Building at North Sacramento Blvd has a customized lofty design space with high inherited strength from the former manufacturing building. Look out for the different options of suitable physical storage that do not clutter your workspace.

Integrated Technology

Technology enables organisations to connect and interact easily at high speeds. In recent times, establishments collaborate with clients all around the world. 90% of the tech giants in Chicago have outsourced their operational services to South Asian countries. They need to interact with their counterparts in these countries. Right office space will be one that will incorporate the recent advancements in technology to facilitate a smart working environment, increasing productivity.

Image Source: Pexels

Streamlined Office Furniture

As a consultant searching for an office rental space in the East-West Corridor of Chicago, you will first search online for office space for rent in Chicago. However, this market is highly commercial with high-rise and single-story buildings.

In such markets, it is advisable to go for those options that offer streamlined furniture that enhances the office space and thus productivity. Multi-worker tables, sleek mesh chairs, and slim vertical cabinets are good options. Whether you need a high-end executive suite or a large office building as an office space in Chicago, you have some of the best options at your disposal. Make a wise choice based on your budget and work requirements to maximize your company’s productivity.

It is also important to have fresh airflow in your workspace to boost your productivity. Take a look at the best tower fan which can provide your office with cool air on hot days.

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