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Hustle Castle Throne Room Level 11 New Update – TR 11 on 11.11

Hustle Castle TR 11 Throne Room Level 11
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As Hustle Castle continues to keep gamers excited with non-stop content, this massive update rolls out quite a number. Players who are already in Throne Room Level 10 (TR 10) will face a new challenge in the game, where for starters, 6 fighter squads are no longer enough to save the princess from the monsters and dragons. Not to mention, there will be a whole tier of constellations to be unlocked and upgraded for heroes as well. Throne Room Level 11 is now the gold standard.

Here are the main details of the new and upcoming update this Single’s Day!

*We will update this post as it goes as more information is made available for compiling.

Single’s Day Update 11.11 — Hustle Castle TR 11:

Keep in mind this is the official announcement the Hustle Castle’s Facebook itself, of which some of the new features listed are kind of vague, even to us experienced players.

Gears, Gem & Combat Sets – Gear Beyond Legendary

To start off how much hustling you will need to do, there will be gem stronger than the current legendary gem called the ancient gem. Combine two precious legendary gems to get an Ancient gem. Not much of an update for those players who are still completing their full set of legendary gems.

Ancient Gem TR 11 Merging two Legendary Gems

The new Combat Sets will also consist of six items with the same special Ancient rarity. Ancient items are crafted from Legendary items, with upgraded attributes and abilities. Every two items from one set that are equipped will give a fighter a powerful unique ability.

This is similar to many other games like Ulala Idle Adventure where items belong to a particular set/vanity/family, where equipping items from the same set will grant players special attributes. You can craft Combat Sets in the Set Workshop, which becomes available at Throne Room level 11. To learn more about Combat Sets, visit the Set Workshop.

Craft Combat Sets, equip a fighter with them and assemble an unstoppable squad!

Weapon Souls & Armor Souls – New Gear Types

At Throne Room level 11 you’ll be able to equip Castle dwellers of Fighter level 100 with two new items. These slots can be equipped with weapon and armour souls. Souls greatly empower fighters, but can only be combined with specific types of weapons and armour.

Currently, the Guidesify Team is speculating that only ancient gear can be combined with souls. We could be wrong.

Level 8 Barracks – More Non-stop Hustling!

Not enough room in the Barracks to make the perfect squad? Not any more! The new Single’s Day update launched by Hustle Castle has dramatically increased the maximum number of fighters in the Barracks to 8.

Imagine the amount of gems sockets to work on now. Well, less complaining, more doing. Combine and experiment to create an unstoppable squad of eight fighters!

Mithril – A New Resources (Not Made by the Dwarves in the Hobbit)

This precious material will be useful to you both for the further development of the Castle and for the creation of Combat Sets.

Our guess? Probably just another ‘wood’ resource that players will have.

Gear and Artifact Patch – Fixing Broken Ends

  • Buffed: Healing Ray, Healing Glade, Magic Orb, Fireball & Cliff’s Totem
  • Summon Ally: ally unit became stronger and now appears in the enemy rearguard and have melee attack type
  • Explosion Hazard: damage & stun nerfed
  • Fixed rune error with stealing enemy artifact ability
  • Icy Trap: now affects a limited number of targets

A String of Good News for Gamers

  • The Fighters training time has been greatly reduced on levels from 70 to 100
  • The cost of upgrading items in the Arena store has been significantly reduced
  • Build time of most rooms at Throne Room level 8/9/10 has been reduced
  • New Clan War chests! Glory collection rewards have been improved. The old chests have been revised and 2 new chests have been added
  • Unique weapons and armour can now be disassembled for skins
  • Two new artifacts in the Arena Store’s rotating list: new Mage Armor and a new Mage Weapon
  • Chance of getting 5 gem slots on legendary Arena items is much higher
  • New levels of heroic relics and talents which will become available at Throne Room level 11

Miscellaneous Updates – Skip if You Want

  • New “Armory Keeper” defensive structure and “Mind Control” spell
  • The production cost of some spells on TR 10 insignificantly increased other changes and new features
  • Changes to the Peaceful profession. Now they are 100% achievable
  • The journey continues! Visit Mechville and try not to get lost in the Mysterious Swamps while looking for the Princess!
  • The cost of chests and their contents in the Shop, Arena, and Portal have been revised. Some items were removed from the Gem Bay Shop

What an apt day to release TR 11 don’t you think?

Know any more vital information that can help other players? Let us know in the comments section below!


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