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Best Internet Providers in Singapore – A Cost Guide

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Are you a cost-conscious internet customer? Do you need to handle your day-to-day tasks digitally with no interruptions? Hope this guide will help you understand the cost of the best internet provider in Singapore so that you can choose one that suits you and your budget.

Cost of the best internet providers in Singapore for various plans

Broadband plan

SingTel’s 6MBPS plan is low-priced yet promising in terms of productivity. It’s a 24-month plan that costs $29.90 each month.

Fiber optic plan

M1 has the most economical fiber-optic connection priced from as low as $39 per month for a 25MBPS connection.

Pure fiber net plan

A 100 MBPS MyRepublic’s pure plan priced at $59 per month offers the best value for your money.

These three examples are a perfect indication of how budget-friendly internet plans in Singapore can be.

Qualities of the best internet providers in Singapore

It’s not always about the pricing policy; there are other factors you need to consider when selecting the best internet providers in Singapore. These include:

Flexibility in contracts

The best internet provider in Singapore should offer both contract and contract-free plans. This gives you the freedom to select a plan that you’ll afford to pay in your current and future financial situation.

Boosted internet speeds

This is the core factor that characterizes the best internet providers in Singapore. It’s only with high internet speeds that you’ll enjoy browsing, streaming and any other activity you do online without any interruptions.

Provision of a wide variety of plans

When it comes to internet connectivity, you should look for a provider offering various plans so that your choosing options won’t be limited. The best internet providers in Singapore will also have every plan listed on their website so that you can conveniently access them.


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this post and now know the average cost of the best internet provider in Singapore. Evaluate your budget capabilities and make an informed choice to make sure that you spend the least amount possible for the best internet services. For the smoothest overall internet access experience, consider the other tips given in this guide.


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