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Learn to do Keyword Research – Simple Guide for Beginners

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To drive maximum traffic to a website, keyword research is the most important and first step to take an online business to the next level. If you make out what key phrases or words are used in the search engines by your potential customers, you will ultimately gain more sales.

Keywords are the terms and phrases used to target an online business using numerous online marketing strategies. If you are a beginner, you must know the value of rightly chosen keywords to your website. Even Melbourne based SEO Agency can help you to get the right list of keywords for your website.

Through this blog, you will learn how to perform keyword research in a right and effective way.

With the increase of competition in all fields, quality and effective keyword research is becoming more critical for many internet marketers. The rightly chosen keywords also play a vital role in PPC and PVC campaigns.

So, let’s start with the easy to follow steps for keyword research that will surely help you to find the targeted keywords for your website.

Start the Keyword Research Process with a List of Topics Relevant to your Business

Just think and list down the topics which you want to rank your business with. Always start making a list of the important and most relevant topics. Like what your business is about, what type of services you are offering, what type of products you are going to sell online etc. Just note down these topics, shortlist and come up with the most specific keywords.

You can also pick the topics which are most used in the sales conversations. Keep yourself at the place of the target audience and think about what you would search for if you are looking for the products or services that your business is offering? 

Add More Keywords to the List using Related Search Terms

If you are struggling with finding the list of keywords, you can ease your mind by showing some creativity at this stage. Simply go to and enter your phrases related to your business. You will see related search terms at the bottom of Google’s results. These are the suggested keywords that should not be ignored. It is like a bonus to your keyword research process that must be taken into account.

List of Mixture of Head Terms and Long-tail Keywords

While performing keyword research, you will get shorter and longer keyword phrases. The shorter and more generic phrases with 1-3 words are known as ‘head terms’, whereas phrases with 3 or more words are ‘long tail keywords’. You must check for the mixture of such keywords. Remember, people use shorter phrases, i.e. head terms, for the search. Therefore, they are more competitive and difficult to rank as compared to long tail keywords.

Some use generic while some use specific words. More qualified searchers always type for long tail terms for the exact search results. Check your keywords list for long tail keywords, but at the same time do not forget to include difficult head terms with powerful traffic attention. Remember, your keyword research list should include both shorter and longer keyword phrases.

Competitive Analysis – An Important Keyword Research Technique

You must see how your competitors are doing. No doubt, it is important in this competitive market. But it does not mean that the keywords your competitors are using, you must do the same. You just need to analyse the competition for the keyword or phrase you are trying to rank for. It just gives the list of keywords for further evaluation. The SEO experts like Melbourne based SEO Agency can help you in competitive analysis.

Never ignore the keywords that your competitors are the least care about. It might be a great chance for your business to own a market with those keywords.

Due to competition, it might be difficult to understand the least or most important keywords for your website. You can use SEMrush to find the top keywords or various types of terms the competitors are ranking for. Always remember, the main target is to end up with a list of keywords that will work effectively in attaining the challenging SEO goals.

Use of Keyword Research Tool

Now to determine the relevant keywords that will help in gaining top positions in the SERPs, keyword research tools will guide you in this regard. Such tools are used to mine the relevant keyword data of the phrases which you have on the list. This can be done at the basic level with Google Adwords Keyword Planner or Word Tracker, which is absolutely free to use. You can use other keyword research tools as well. Paid Tools can also be used for the most advanced keyword research process for the specific keywords.

With the Keyword Planner, you can make a search campaign. It helps you to get the exact match search results and ideas about the keywords through the most searched phrases entered by the people.

Final Words

With these keyword research steps, now you have a list of keywords that will help you to focus on driving maximum traffic to your website. You can also figure out the keywords with which your website is being searched for. To make keyword research for web pages easier, just hire Melbourne based SEO Agency for the list of keywords based on the different pages of a website. Use the keywords that best fits the purpose of the particular webpage.

In order to maintain the current presence of your online business, make sure to re-evaluate the keywords after a certain time period. It will help you to grow with the changing market.


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