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What To Look For In An Affluent Urban Apartment

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High-rise apartments are never out of style. They attract some of the most affluent people in the world. They’re usually, famous artists, owna lot of real estate, business owners, executives, investors, etc. So if you are part of this affluent class of people, what should you look for in an urban apartment? Chances are you have a certain ideal and it’s important to remember that an ideal is just that, an idea. It’s not always going to be grounded in reality so it’s best not to think of your ideal as something that can be 100% attained. Nevertheless, it’s good to have standards and use your ideal as a measuring stick as to how good a certain apartment and real estate invest is. We’re going to run you through the things you should be looking for in an urban apartment whether it’s for your own personal investment or to live in.

The location

The very first thing you want to concern your search with is, the location. Sometimes a horrible apartment can become charming if it’s located in the right city. Why do you think so many people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to live in a small apartment in New York? Because the amenities are second to none, there is no other city in the world that can match the atmosphere, the cultural scenes and the kind of lifestyle that you would experience living in this kind of huge city. But we’re talking about living affluently, so we care that our apartment has space, that we don’t feel like we’re cramped in the city and that we have some private space to stretch out and relax.

Take a look at these real estate websites and see what sticks out. It’s going to be the apartments that have a balcony, so you have a jaw droppingly good view. The apartments will be extremely contemporary with plenty of style and fantastic decor. They will use modern materials, such as stainless steel, marble, glass, etc. not to mention, they will have great lighting. The issue with many urban apartments is, they create far too many shadows and dark spots. But with a modern lighting arrangement, the tall buildings around your apartment won’t feel like they block out the sun all the time. The location is important because of where you work, where your friends are and access to various amenities such as the gym, restaurants, etc.

Who says size doesn’t matter?

Size of the apartment does matter because as we have mentioned, natural light and the kind of relaxation it can offer, will be affected. We think that a 2,000 square-feet apartment is a pretty good medium. It’s something to shoot for but if you can afford and want a large apartment, then go ahead. However this might be venturing into the higher price range and the property type might increase from an apartment to a penthouse. 

Generally speaking, 2,000 square-feet will give you 5-8 rooms, with a large kitchen. If you have an open floor plan then the space inside will be massive and feel like you have an entire corner of the storey to yourself. You may be able to get a smaller apartment that has a better view and hence, have the same price as a 2,000 square-feet apartment. It all matters about perks and the style of the apartment. The design of affluent apartments will usually be contemporary, neutral, open plan, sophisticated. 

The decor has to be modern

The thing about affluent urban apartments is, it’s very hard to style them. How do you get a large sofa up into an apartment? How do you bring up large but fragile art pieces such as sculptures? It’s vital that you don’t feel the need to restyle every part of the apartment when you move in. 

This is why you should find an apartment that has contemporary and or modern styling. The decor won’t feel outdated in a few years and you can always move things around into different rooms while not changing the overall look of the apartment. There has to be a style continuity in your apartment and it’s not going to work when certain items age quicker than others. 

The area also matters

Let’s face it, we want to live in an affluent neighborhood not just because of the type of person who will be our neighbor, but because the area is well-maintained. There is less crime in an affluent neighborhood, security is taken seriously, the restaurants will be high class fine dining and the services such as chauffeur, concierges and police will know how to treat you. 

The public roads matter too, because some of us will have sports cars that we want to drive around town. If the apartments are great but the roads are a mess, then it’s going to take the magic out of the living experience. So always ask your real estate agent about the area. As a common rule, try to get the quality of the area inside a 2-mile radius from your apartment. 

If you’re into entertainment the clubs and restaurants will of course matter. So check the area for the kinds of restaurants there are, the reputation, prices, history, etc. this goes for clubs, what kind are there? Are there comedy clubs? Maybe nightclubs? Perhaps there are other things to do such as going to the gym, the theater or shopping. Always check for any high class brands such as Armani, Gucci and Rolls-Royce. It kind of lets you know the wealth in the area but also, the things you can do to relax and enjoy living in the city when work for the day is done.

This has been your guide as to what to look for in an affluent urban apartment. If you’re an executive, rich kid, famous celeb, or investor, you should know by now for the sorts of things to look for. 

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