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The $3 Mobile-Only Netflix Plan: What a Deal!

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Do you know Netflix recently launched a $3 plan for Netflix? Well, now you do! So what is this plan exactly? We will be sharing them in this article.

Is this a joke?

No! This is 100% real, for $3 a month, you can gain full access to the libraries of shows available on Netflix. One limitation is that this a mobile-only plan. Your account will be tied to mobile-only streaming and you can only watch it on a single device. Also, you can only stream on 480p but that’s not bad and watchable on a mobile phone screen. Netflix is calling this the Mobile Tier plan. This is on top of the current Basic, Standard and Premium plans now available for subscription.

Netflix 2

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How do I get it?

Unfortunately, this plan is only available in India and not anywhere else. Why India though? Well, first off, India has a huge mobile phone population, more than 1 billion! However, not all parts of India have good mobile connectivity. This mobile plan, which also comes with a download and watch later feature, will allow millions of users to enjoy these shows with their poor internet. Furthermore, many of the India populations conduct their day to day activity on their smartphone. This is a smart move from Netflix to capture aa huge market, which will definitely increase their revenue.

Will this be available to me soon?

In our opinion, probably never if you are living in Singapore, the US or other well-developed countries. Many of the consumers are already happily paying for our Netflix subscription monthly. There are not many reasons for Netflix to lower the prices in these markets. If you are from a country with a big smartphone population and the internet infrastructure is not as good you may get to enjoy this $3 plan in the near future.

Psst… I have a VPN, can I use it to subscribe to the Netflix $3 plan?

No. We thought about this too, connected to India via VPN but the $3 plan did not show up. Netflix probably thought of this so that’s too bad for us. All we can do is pray (however low the chances are) that it will become available to us in the future.



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