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10 Old Videos You Used to Watch

Old Videos
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YouTube has served our video watching needs for a long time. From time to time, there will be one that everyone definitely had watched. Let’s dive back into the past and revisit some of the viral videos we have all watched. If you are a fan of Chinese songs, do check out our complete 2-part list consisting of a total of 222 songs for you to add it to your music playlist here!

1. Muttons to Midnight 

If you ever want to know the meaning behind these songs, muttons to midnight will decipher them for you!


2. Maplestory MVs

Remember spamming F4s and F5s in MapleSea? Or when Mr Yandao is the top player? We all enjoyed these simple Maplestory MVs made with Windows Movie Maker.

3. Aaron Tan

Don’t pray pray. Or you might start another drama with Steven Lim.


4. Charlie bit finger

Don’t bite other’s finger. It hurts and it’s unhygienic.

5. Star Wars Kid

Let’s be honest. We all done this deep in our heart. Our maybe secretly when no one is around…

By the way, his real name is Ghyslain Raza. He now practices Law and spends a huge deal of time against cyberbullying. You can read more about Ghyslain Raza here.

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6. Risitas laughing

This is probably how someone will die from laughter.

7. Dramatic Chipmunk

Ba dum tss!

8. Susan Boyle – I Dreamed a Dream

A classic example of why you shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone. 

9. Hitler is Angry!

You have probably watched one of these parodies but this video was the original scene with proper subtitles.

10. M1 Indian Restaurant Ad

We all remembered this ad back then when it played over and over again on our television screens. This Mumbai Ad by M1 even attained many advertising awards back in the day. 

If only ads were this interesting again…

Bonus: 11. Hot Girl Dancing

Last but not least, let us admit we have all seen this viral video of this hot girl dancing. 

Like and share if you enjoyed out this list. We will make a part 2 if the response is good.

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