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Play a Part to Help Fight Terrorism in Singapore

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The recent security incident which involved a bomb scare at Hougang MRT reminded us that Singapore is vulnerable to terrorism. It was fortunate that the SMRT staff on duty was alert and the incident turned out to be a false alarm. Here are some small tips for you on the fight against terror. Remember, everyone plays a part!

Remember the acronym – L.I.F.E.

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L – Lookout

Keep a lookout for suspicious people and articles and stay vigilant to any possible threats. If a person looks out-of-place, uneasy and his movements do not fit in the general crowd (a man with a backpack and his hands in his pockets while attending a rock concert). 

It may not be easy to identify such behaviour, but keeping a lookout for such characters helps nevertheless.

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I – Inform

If a suspicious article is spotted, notify the authorities. It is YOUR responsibility, refrain from thinking that someone else will report it, what will happen if everyone thinks the same way? Inform a staff on duty or to authorities. Are you aware that an SMS can be used to report an incident? Send the details of a situation and your location to 71999.

An application, SGSecure has been created as well. It allows you to send photos and videos to update and be updated of the latest security threats and incidents in your area.


F- Fortitude

Terrorism aims to cause social disharmony and instil fear in people. It is what we will do during and after the attacks that make the difference between standing firm together or falling apart as individuals. During the latest terrorist attack in London at Westminster bridge, a terrorist mowed down several pedestrians with a truck. While you may expect people to be scurrying away from the scene after the attack, it was the exact opposite. Citizens in London came together to help, doctors and nurses were seen running towards the bridge to provide assistance to the casualties. 

Read the news report here: London terror attack: Heroic doctors & nurses RAN across Westminster Bridge to save lives


E- Empower

Empower yourselves with the knowledge of how to administer first aid. You will never know when the knowledge can save a life. Knowing what to do in different situations is important too. SCDF has a guidebook on how to deal with various emergencies.


Remember, terrorism is a matter of “when” but not “if”. We must always be prepared. 

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