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Unlocking The Treasure Trove Of Pokemon Collecting: Just How Expensive It Is To Collect Previous Chase Cards

Unlocking The Treasure Trove Of Pokemon Collecting Just How Expensive It Is To Collect Previous Chase Cards
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Are you getting ready to embark on the thrilling journey of collecting Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) cards?

Or are you a seasoned veteran in collecting Pokemon TCG cards and looking to collect and display older set chase cards?

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your adventure, understanding the landscape of recent sets and their top Chase cards is crucial.

Well here is your one-stop article for the Chase cards pricing!

We’ll take you through the top three Chase cards from each of the latest Pokémon sets, shedding light on their significance and value in the ever-evolving collector’s market. (The pricings are in USD)

Temporal Forces: ACE & SPEC Cards Return!

Starting with the newest addition to the Pokémon TCG roster, Temporal Forces.

Temporal Forces top 3 Chase cards are Raging Bolt Ex, Morty’s Conviction and Iron Crown EX.

Raging Bolt EX

Priced at $55 This beautiful full-art card is definitely worth adding to your fine collection.

The low point of view and the soaring cliffs beyond really emphasise Raging Bolt’s height, and the purple thunderclouds give the scene a feeling of tension and excitement that draws the viewer’s eye up to meet Raging Bolt’s.

Morty’s Conviction

Gengar’s psychotic grin looks so charming, striking the perfect balance between funny and scary that everyone wants from a Halloween monster. 

No disrespect to Morty, who is a perfectly fine Gen II Gym Leader, but this card wouldn’t be half as valuable without the presence of Gengar on it.

Gengar being a part of the full art card was enough to land this card in the $30-$40 range when it was first released, but it continues to rise and may even rise to the top of the set.

This amazing full-art card is currently priced at $62.

Iron Crown EX

Iron Crown Ex is currently priced at a whopping $64!

Nagimiso’s glowing illustration pushes this card to great heights. His use of a giant moon to give the scene an otherworldly air, and the twisting trees add scale while echoing the shape of Iron Crown’s horns, truly a full art fitting of a legendary Pokemon.

With its unique and elegant look, the Special Illustration Rare Iron Crown ex well earns its place as the most valuable card in Temporal Forces.

However, the pull rates in Temporal Forces are the worst we’ve seen from a non-special Scarlet & Violet Series Pokémon set. 

Whether you consider that a “draw” or not depends on whether you’ve been lucky enough to beat those odds, but it does mean that the chase cards from the set are more likely to stay expensive even as more packs and boxes are opened. 

Paldean Fates: A Crowd Favourite 

Following up with a crowd favourite and relatively new set, Paldean Fates collectors are treated to an array of sought-after cards, including the iconic Charizard and the mesmerising Mew. 

Gardevoir EX

The Shiny Gardevoir EX card is lush with soft colours and gorgeous details to discover and a Wooper gasping as it watches Gardevoir dance in the moonlight, and priced at $51.

Mew EX

Ever since the Sword & Shield Series, Pokémon has been more willing to commission art that deviates from the standard Pokémon art style.

Leading to more cards that are dark, cartoony or just plain odd.

And it keeps paying off! 

If these cards’ prices are any indication, Pokemon fans around the world love these quirky takes on the characters they know so well, giving them a breath of fresh air. 

Mew ex is the latest Pokémon card that looks like nothing we’ve seen before from Pokemon, but it certainly won’t be the last, this quirky little card is priced at $82.70

Charizard EX

There were already five different versions of Tera Charizard ex before Paldean Fates (four in Obsidian Flames, and one promo version in the Charizard ex Premium Collection). 

Any other Pokemon card would have hit rock-bottom prices after receiving so many versions, but not this Darkness-type fire-breathing lizard.

Amazingly, the Tera Charizard ex is back to win the title of “most expensive card” in yet another Pokémon set, thanks to Charizard’s sky-high popularity, this card is priced at a jaw-dropping $111!

As the set continues to make waves, the prices of these Chase cards may fluctuate, making now the perfect time to seize the opportunity and procure the Paldean Fates Chase card set.

Paradox Rift And Scarlet & Violet: 151

Venturing back through time, we encounter sets like Paradox Rift and Scarlet & Violet: 151, each boasting its own roster of coveted cards. 

From the majestic Roaring Moon ex to the timeless allure of the Charizard in Scarlet & Violet: 151, every set presents a unique blend of excitement and anticipation for collectors.

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Paradox Rift

Paradox Rift’s top 3 Chase Cards are Iron Valiant EX, Iron Hands EX and Roaring Moon EX. Albeit these cards are not worth as much as the previous mention, it is still a good set for collectors who are completionists.

Iron Valiant EX

Featuring Future Pokemon mascot Iron Valiant with a sunset in the background, Iron Valiant EX is priced at $30.

Iron Hands EX

Being the rarest Iron Hands ex in Paradox Rift it is unsurprisingly the most expensive too, being priced at $34.

Roaring Moon EX

Ryota Murayama’s illustration of the Roaring Moon shouting with sound waves pulsing out emphasises the power and ferocity of Roaring Moon, while also establishing a sense of place

The combination of dramatic artwork and sheer power has made the Special Illustration Rare version of Roaring Moon ex the most valuable Pokémon card in Paradox Rift, priced at $55.60.

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Scarlet & Violet: 151

151 is another crowd favourite, boasting special illustrations of beloved classic Pokemons in the franchise Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard, and no one can resist the beautiful art of their childhood Pokemons.

Venusaur EX

This particular Venusaur ex is an amazing example of combining playability with aesthetic appeal. 

The Special Illustration Rare variant is vibrantly beautiful, full of stunning foliage with an eye-catching use of different colours, and really lets Venusaur’s own colour palette shine through.

This full art of the nature Pokemon is priced at $38

Blastoise EX

When it comes to the powerful visuals of Pokémon, there is one element that isn’t always the easiest to capture: underwater scenery. 

With how many Water types there are in the game, it’s something of a surprise to see something that really makes you feel like the Pokemon is really underwater, but the Blastoise EX Special Illustration pulls it off perfectly with the right amount of murkiness and bubbles.

This deep-sea full art of Blastoise is priced at $41.

Charizard EX

Of course, Charizard is back again as the top special illustration, this highly worshipped lizard will bump up any card to insanely high prices.

Displaying a wonderful volcano and lava-filled terrain below, while Charizard flies above, this special illustration is priced at a steep $108, a far cry from the other 2 special illustrations.

Do note that there will be a Japanese Scarlet & Violet: 151 reprint soon, so that will most likely cause the pricing of the Japanese 151 chase cards to fluctuate.

For English Scarlet & Violet: 151 however, the pricing of chase cards are rising!

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Obsidian Flame: The Under-Appreciated Set

While many other sets use Charizard to boost the popularity of their sets, Obsidian Flames is an example of if you pump way too many Charizard variants into a set.

With the top 3 special illustrations, all of them being Charizards, combined it is even at the same value as the Charizard Special Illustration in Scarlet &Violet: 151.

However, if you do love Charizards and want to collect all the Charizard special illustrations you are in luck.

Obsidian Flames top 3 Special Illustrations are super easy to pull and are priced really cheap, making it super affordable for collectors to have.

Charizard EX (Ultra Rare)

This Shiny Charizard is priced at $8.41🤯

Charizard EX (Hyper Rare)

An even shinier version of the previous Charizard EX was Priced at $19.41!🤯🤯

Charizard EX (Special Illustration)

An even shinier and cooler, and just maybe slightly bigger Charizard🤡, this special illustration is priced at $43.90!🤯🤯🤯

Whether you’re seeking the “elusive” Charizard or exploring the depths of lesser-known sets, there is always something for every collector to discover and cherish, do stay tuned if we drop another article diving deeper into the rabbit hole of Pokemon TCG with the older sets!

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