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8 Singapore YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe To!

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YouTube is undeniably a part of our lives. Some use it as a daily source of entertainment while the rest also use it for entertainment. However, subscriptions can be a pain in the ass if your tab was flooded with tons of unwanted, boring videos. Here are 8 of our favourite Singapore YouTube Channels!

Newcomer: SimUniMe

A (VERY) newcomer to the scene of YouTube with a strong following of 5 subscribers and counting, we don’t know why these videos are made but they are strangely satisfying to watch. 

We believe SimUniMe will be the next to blow up on YouTube as the next Singaporean YouTube sensation.

Mark our words!

*If you are interested in more of such videos, SimUniMe seems to be more active on his Instagram.

Jamie Chua – A Socialite New to YouTube

Take a peak into the life Singapore’s Queen of Instagram, Jamie Chua. With more than 1.1 million followers on her Instagram, the Singaporean Socialite decided that it’s time to reveal more about her once-mysterious life on YouTube.

Her videos showcase just how rich and luxurious her life is that commoners like us may never be able to fully comprehend it. 

Take a look at one of her trending videos, where Jamie Chua tries to take on the ‘NO DRIVER’ challenge. 

Ps. We don’t even have a car :’)


One of the new additions to YouTube, MiniMoochi is a Channel you shouldn’t miss. Created by an enthusiastic group of University students, they are consistent with their uploads (Weekly) and focus on the lives and problems faced by young adults in Singapore. Here’s their newest video:

If you are the kind who likes to support new local talent, enjoy fresh and original ideas instead of boring old clickbait titles or simply want to see fresh new faces on your YouTube Feed, this is the channel to go to!

Ryan Sylvia

Ryan Sylvia, or better known as Night Owl Cinematics (NOC). No doubt they are one of the top YouTube channels in Singapore. We are sure everyone has watched at least one of their videos. Of course, it is not out of pure luck. The production quality is excellent, contents are relatively entertaining and sometimes creepily close to what we experience in real life. Their NOC girls probably helped draw in a bit of fame too. As many of us may know, they are popular for their funny “Types of Something” videos and short skits. We enjoyed their ‘Hokkien Word of the Day”, but sadly there’s very little of them. Recently, they also produce vlogs and travelogues. In my opinion, they are cool! We get to see a different and more real side of them. Also, for the gamers out there, they have a gaming channel too!


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JianHao Tan

Jianhao used to be known for his use of “Loh Yeh Moh Yeh”. Back then, we were not big fans of him, but over the past few years, his contents became more to our liking. He made short series such as Friendmily and Starting Over. There are also the “Types of Something” and “This vs. That” videos. If you are a regular at YouTube, you will know what I mean. Above all, what I like most are his personal videos. He shares his own thoughts, showing a more real version of him. And yes they too have a gaming YouTube channel.


Dee Kosh

Savage and True Rants. That’s what it is all about. Some dissatisfactions with certain issues will be there deep in our hearts. Many times points mentioned in his video that we don’t have the guts to say in public. Yes, we are afraid of the judging eyes of being a salty critic. Dee Kosh is here to be the loudspeaker of our inner voice. At least we know we are not weird or outcasts because someone feels that way too!



What? Another channel with skits? At this point, you might be calling me a drama fanboy. However, we have to stop you there. We can assure you this is different. The production quality is top notch.  Everything in their videos always seems to mash together so well. On top of that, there is always a message behind their videos. Family, friendship and relationship are the common themes covered. You will always have something to ponder about after finishing a video. Before you start, prepare some tissues as you may need them. 

not crying

The Sam Willows

For music fans, check out The Sam Willows, our very own local talents!  I’m sure many of us of heard of them now. They cover lots of songs such as Say Something, One Call Away and even our all-time favourite NDP Song: Home! Also, they have their own MVs. All music lovers should check them out at their YouTube channel!

Bonus: Check out Singapore’s top 100 blogs here.

So what are some of your favourite YouTube channels? Share with us and let everyone know. 

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