Strands of hope: Unveiling the solutions male pattern baldness

Strands of hope: Unveiling the solutions male pattern baldness
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Male pattern balding has been an issue that has transcended time from the Stone Age to the modern era. 

However, with the advancement of science and technology, this persisting issue can finally be a thing of the past. 

We will be exploring the different conventional medication options and emerging trends in hair treatments provided by hair salons and hair products. These not only offer hope but tangible solutions against the relentless march of hair loss.

Rising tides of hair loss: the rising cases of hair loss in youth

With the rising issue of male pattern baldness young men around the world are panicking and scrambling for a solution. But why has the issue worsened? 

Many research and case studies link back to today’s competitive environment and modern lifestyles, stress and diet being some of the factors causing male pattern baldness.

Culprits from Within! : What’s causing the baldness?

What does your diet and stress have to do with your hair loss? 

Well, studies have shown that stress can stop or force hair out of its growth phase prematurely resulting in thinning and loss of hair. 

The rise of vegetarian/vegan diets and increased consumption of fast food have reduced the intake of protein, vitamins, iron and essential fats vital nutrients for hair growth.

Poor blood circulation and excessive oil secretions on the scalp can result in hair loss. 


Poor blood circulation can result in not enough nutrients being supplied to the hair follicles for hair growth, while excessive oils can block pores and cause dandruff to form which may lead to hair loss.

Although all these factors play a part in male pattern baldness, the main contributing factors are still genetics and hormones.

Most men with male family members who lost their hair from male pattern baldness have a higher likelihood of suffering from hair loss.

Those who have hormonal imbalances and thyroid disorders often experience hair loss and hair thinning as well.

Meds for the Mane: conventional medications for hair loss

Popular conventional FDA-approved medications used to combat male pattern baldness today are Minoxidil and Finasteride. 

These medications play a vital role in both slowing hair loss and stimulating regrowth, by targeting hormones and promoting follicle health. 

But what do each of these medications do specifically? 

Minoxidil is a topical medication applied to the scalp that can be procured over the counter, although initially intended to treat high blood pressure it was found to help with hair growth in patients who consumed the medication as it helps widen blood vessels increasing blood supply and available nutrients to hair follicles strengthening and encouraging hair growth and has been known to produce results in just 8 weeks! 

However, there have been a reported number of side effects spanning from itchy skin, scaly skin and unwanted excessive hair growth. 

To sum up, Minoxidil can produce results in 8 weeks, is easy to acquire and may be more effective when used with other hair products or medication, but can cause a range of side effects additionally, hair loss will return upon stopping the treatment.

The Hair Loss Show is a popular YouTube channel with doctors that talk about hair loss and this particular video discusses what Minoxidil does and its pros and cons.

A promising and more powerful counterpart to Minoxidil would be Finasteride also known as Propecia which is consumed to prevent the formation of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is known to miniaturise hair follicles causing thinning hair and eventually hair loss, this will slow hair loss and improve hair growth over time. 

However compared to Minoxidil, Finasteride does have stronger side effects, it has been known to cause sexual dysfunction and in its topical form it is known to cause skin irritation and burning sensations to the skin where medication is applied, and for males with partners planning to conceive the medication can into sperm and cause harm to a fetus. 

Finasteride cannot be purchased over the counter.

This is a particular video by The Hair Loss Show explaining the side effects of Finasteride.

What about salons, hair treatments and hair care specialists?

You might be asking yourselves “What can hair salons do for me that the medications approved by FDA cannot already do?”

 While medications and Hair products play a huge factor in maintaining hair and preventing hair loss, treatments provided by salons using Machines can Accelerate the penetration of products to help prevent hair loss.

Salons often offer scalp treatments using cutting-edge technology, such as the TIARA scalp machine or the Malleti Eden Plus by TrendSupply to treat hair loss. These machines provide unique features that the Product cannot achieve.

 1. Aroma Mist Spray By utilizing a fine spray of anions and aroma oil

2. Using galvanic Massage and vibration for blood circulation, 

3. Iontophoresis for promoting the absorption of nutrition from hair tonic, 

4. High Frequency to kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin and decrease inflammation,  

5. Airbrush For spraying liquid tonic to help even distribution of products with no wastage

6. Hot Steam System Treatment results in better hydration of the hair as well as the scalp.

7, Hot Steam application improves the morphology of hair, making it soft, smooth, light and shiny.

8. Hot Steam System treatment greatly enhances product Absorption to hair and Scalp.

Firstly, a deep cleansing is done where the scalp is thoroughly cleansed using Hot Steam to remove and exfoliate accumulated dirt from styling products and dead cells from the scalp preventing thinning and hair loss.

After, a scalp massage using Galvanic Massage with Vibration is done to stimulate blood flow to the scalp making it easier for blood to reach the scalp and provide critical nutrients for the hair to grow strong and healthy.

The Machine Treatment also helps regulate oil secretions on the scalp preventing any blockages of hair follicles.

Essential hair products to rejuvenate your hair

The hair products you use can very much affect your hair loss as certain hair products that contain chemicals to perm or dye your hair are harmful to your hair, they can cause the hair to weaken, be damaged or even fall out, especially when they are not used correctly. 

While many men love to use 3-in-1 shampoos they are not particularly effective in any one capacity, the shampoo is not strong enough to treat dandruff and oily hair, while the conditioner is not effective for long, and the body wash isn’t really effective either. 

So what can you do to avoid such hair products and what hair products could help you prevent hair loss? 

When looking for hair products you should look out for products that regulate grease and dandruff on your scalp or sulfate-free shampoos that help repair dry, damaged, fine and brittle hair, additionally, they can soothe itchy scalp and reduce irritation. 

Those who have done some research on such hair products would know that they do not particularly help with male pattern baldness as they do not help with the blocking of Dihydrotestosterone, the reason for male pattern baldness.

While that may be true, it is best to look into using such hair products to prevent hair loss from dandruff, unhealthy scalp or psoriasis (a skin disease), i.e., to keep the hair you worked so hard for luscious and healthy.

Embracing the bald: What about wigs?

While many feel shameful or embarrassed to wear wigs they are a very realistic and convenient solution to male pattern baldness. 

Some may think “Won’t wigs be easily spotted ?” 

Well just like technology wigs have evolved with time, nowadays wigs or more accurately known as hair pieces are so hard to spot you wouldn’t even know that the individual was suffering from male pattern baldness. 

Hair pieces which hair replacement salons use are essentially realistic wigs that they will affix to the customers’ scalp using adhesives and the results are unbelievable! 

This video is by hair4alluk a YouTube channel that specialises in hair replacement systems showing the before and after of installing a hair piece.

In the journey to combat male pattern baldness a multifaceted approach is key, there is no one one solution to male pattern baldness, one should explore medical options and discover new innovative treatments available to maximise the benefits of every solution allowing the best results in preventing male pattern baldness yo 🧑‍🦲

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