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Telegram Animated Stickers: Download Sticker Packs and Create Your Own!

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Telegram Stickers was launched in 2015 and it was widely praised as a revolutionary feature for the messaging platform. Users can download, create and share sticker packs with each other instantly, effectively replacing the usage of emojis on Telegram. Today, Telegram is introducing a new format and upgrade to the sticker feature: Telegram Animated Stickers.

Telegram Animated Stickers Has Far Surpassed Emojis and GIFs

For some reason, this animated sticker format loads faster and clearer than your average GIF format but takes up less bandwidth at the same time. This format is coined by Telegram engineers as the .TGS format. To add on to what this format has achieved what .GIF has not, animated stickers use up less battery and run 60 frames a second. Very very smooth.

How to Create Your Own Animated Sticker Pack

Just like the stickers feature, Telegram animated stickers is also an open platform for users and artists to design their very own sticker set and share with the world. These are the following tools you will need:

1. A vector graphics editor that supports exporting vector objects to Adobe After Effects for converting them into animations.

2. Adobe After Effects.

3. The Bodymovin-TG plugin, a fork of Bodymovin for Adobe After Effects that can be used to export animations to .TGS, the Telegram animated stickers format.

For more technical requirements and step by step .TGS submission guide to the @stickers bot here is their quick guide.

Download Telegram Animated Stickers Starter Pack

Telegram Animated Sticker Packs Competition

With competitions held and starter packs made by the various artists, here is the ever-growing list of animated sticker sets that you will need.

Download them now!

Hot Cherry (Most Popular!)

Hot Cherry

Minty Zebra

Minty Zebra

Amster Bernard

Amster Bernard

Fred the Pug

Fred the Pug

Office Turkey

Office Turkey



Melie the Cavy

Melie the Cavy

Little Catto

Little Catto

Resistance Dog

Resistance Dog

СберКот Animated

СберКот Animated Telegram Animated Stickers

Earl The Wolf

Earl The Wolf Telegram Animated Stickers

Join the Animated Stickers Telegram Channel!

Want to explore the library of animated sticker packs or submit your own? There is a Telegram channel with 22,000 members at the time of writing called @AnimatedStickers where you can join and keep yourself updated with Telegram animated stickers all day. There is at least 1 new sticker pack every day and this trend will continue to grow as time passes. 

Animated Stickers Telegram Channel Telegram Animated Stickers

Guidesify understands that users have to send their self-designed sticker packs to the @AnimatedStickers_bot to have a chance of being featured. For users who are not as tech-savvy, there are also meme and caption contests that allow you to gain access to unreleased and limited edition animated Telegram sticker packs. 

A few readers have also highlighted to us that there is a LottieFiles online tool for artists and animators alike to convert their Lottie Json to the Telegram Sticker format, .TGS. This will give animators more freedom and convenience to design Telegram sticker packs.

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