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Telegram Groups / Bots in Singapore that are Useful for Students

Telegram Groups Bot Singapore Students
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While WhatsApp has been our primary messaging app, Telegram has risen rapidly in popularity due to the interesting sticker packs and its telegram groups and bots. We shall be sharing some of our favourite Singapore Telegram groups and bots targeted at tertiary students.

Telegram Animated Stickers is finally out! Read our starter guide now and find out where to download or create these adorable sticker sets!

Free Food 

Let’s kick off with some free food. Sometimes we just don’t know what to eat or maybe we just want to save money. There are always events around the campuses and buffet will often be catered. Many a time, there will be leftover. The groups below give shoutouts to followers when there are leftovers and invite people to help to clear them. Of course, the general public is often welcome to finish the leftovers if you are near the area.

NUS Buffet Response Team

NTU Free Food

There is also a group for leftover buffets around Singapore.

Food Rescue @ Events

Peer to peer food services

For those who stay on campus, you will often have supper. The popular choice will be the eateries near the campus, Macdonalds or instant noodle. Luckily, there are Food Buddy groups which request others to help you dabao food. And who those that stay off-campus, don’t worry as there are often delivery services during the daytime too. Do check it out of you are tired of the food in school. You will often be charged a delivery fee though. To know how it works, check out the pinned messages of the group you are interested in.

Food Buddy (NUS)

Food Kakis (NTU)

Food Buddy (SMU)

Food Kakis NTU Food Buddy


In the past, many of us have to use the bus time app to check our bus timing. This often involves the slow startup of the app and having to scroll through the long list of buses. With Bus Uncle, just type in where you are, send the message, select your bus and the uncle will tell you the bus timing.

Bus Uncle

Bus Uncle 1 Bus Uncle 2

Have you ever encountered a situation where everyone is grabbing home and splitting the cost BUT you are the only one going to the North? As such, you have no one to share a cab with and have to pay the full price. Ride Kaki allows you to find people that are going to the same area and split the fare.

Ride Kakis (NTU)

Ride Kakis NTU

Part Time Job Hunting:

During the holiday season, many of us will be looking for work to pass time or earn some pocket money. For those looking for a part-time job, the groups below are the more active ones.

SG Job Portal

Part Time Jobs (Singapore)

For those who want to teach tuition, check out this group.

Astar Tutors


Singapore is such a small country and it seems like nothing is happening. We often encounter the situations “Where to go paktor ah?”, “Should I go Orchard to shop?” or “maybe go Marina Bay see night sky?” or “just chill at home”. Date Ideas provide some events happening around Singapore for you to consider your next date.

Date Ideas

For the foodies, this group shares food promotion around the island. This will be a good way to try out new food or be notified about the next Starbucks promo.

SG Kiasu Foodies

If you are one of those who enjoys concerts, this is a good group to be updated on the latest concerts that are happening around the town.

SG Concerts

For the couch potatoes like us, or those who are too poor to go outside, this is a great group to scroll memes.

Meme n Dreams


There are some of us who likes to go all out and dance the night away. The following groups are great for clubbers.

SG Clubbing

NUS Clubbing


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