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Tips On Getting Acquaintances Online

Clickbaity Girl using WeChat
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Knowing acquaintances on dating sites are no longer uncommon and are increasingly gaining popularity among representatives of different genders. And this isn’t surprising since people feel protected by remote communication and can also demonstrate their sense of self, without fear of being misunderstood. It is worth seriously thinking about how to start dating a girl on a site because it is much easier to do it over the Internet than in the real world.

How to Start a Conversation With a Beautiful Stranger Online?

If you already have someone whose profile could sink into your heart, then first, you should send an offer of friendship. If she answers it, then you can consider half of the battle has already been won because Ukrainian women will not follow the one who isn’t interesting to them. Next, you should like her pictures and posts.

It is best to start a dialogue with a greeting (a blunt compliment will look too vulgar). Also, it isn’t superfluous to show interest in her day, mood, and preferences. All girls, without exception, like to be taken care of. Therefore, you need to create such an atmosphere in the dialogue that she believes she isn’t indifferent to someone on the other side of the screen. The details of the correspondence are also quite important. It is better to pay attention to emotionally loaded words, so as not to accidentally offend her.

For communication to become more intimate in the future, it is better to adhere to several rules that ensure the successful outcome:

  • A girl is free from a relationship (and has experienced a breakup); 
  • Friendly and ready for new acquaintances and communication;
  • There should be no “one-way street” case;
  • It is best if from the very beginning there is a topic that will be close to both of you.

How to Surprise a Girl on the Web

You can surprise a girl or your acquaintances in different ways, but it is best to make sure that only positive emotions remain. You don’t need to google beautiful phrases, they have long been known to everyone and will look pathetic. Maybe she can pretend that she didn’t notice the inappropriate phrase once, but if you continue to communicate in this way, you can be sure — she will ignore you.

Here are some original options to start dating a girl online:

  • Pretend this isn’t your first conversation. Let the girl know she has already been met somewhere. Most likely, she’ll try to remember when and under what circumstances there was a meeting. And at the same time, she’ll mention places where she has been before. This can be used when planning your first date.
  • On many sites, you can give gifts. You should use this function to properly start communicating with a girl. 

And finally, an option for more romantic individuals. In the first message, you can tell the story that led precisely to her. For example, that her face was dreamed at night, and today her profile caught your eye and it was impossible to pass by without texting.


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