Top 9 Must Visit Places To Buy Affordable Pokemon TCG Cards In Nagoya, Japan

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Are you an avid collector of Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) cards? Well, if you happen to be in Nagoya, Japan, you may be near some of the best places to buy Pokemon TCG cards at great prices! 💸

Whether you are interested in buying singles, sealed products such as booster packs and boxes, or even PSA-graded slabs, these stores should have something that will catch your eye.

So, let’s dive into the 9 places (in no particular order) that every Pokemon TCG lover should pay a visit to while in Nagoya.

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1. Hobby Station Osu (Banshoji Street)

Source: Google Maps

First up, we have Hobby Station, located in the Osu shopping district, this store can be found along Banshoji-Droi Street.

While this store sells cards of other TCG or collectable card games, they do have a significant number of Pokemon TCG singles on sale. Whether you are looking for a specific holo, AR, or SAR card, it’s worth checking out this store if you’re in the area. 

Starting from as low as ¥50 per single, you’re bound to find some good deals for single cards!

2. Amenity Dream Osu

Source: Google Maps

While you’re still in the Osu shopping district, you might want to check out Amenity Dream along Shintenchi Street.

The store is not very easy to spot, unfortunately. As you walk down Shintenchi Street, if you come across the place as seen above, go up the stairs to the next level and you’ll find the store.

Its location is just a few minutes walk from Hobby Station so if you can’t find the single that you want at Hobby Station, try visiting Amenity Dream.

3. Fullcomp (Nagoya)

Source: Google Maps

Located still within Osu, you can visit Fullcomp if you’re looking for single cards. The building itself is quite hard to miss with their striking red colours. 🔴

They have a wide variety of cards including VSTAR, AR, SAR, and more though it seems that their prices are somewhat higher than other stores.

It is located along Akamon-Dori Street, right where the alley forms an intersection with the Akamon-Dori Street.

4. Hareruya Osuten

source: Google Maps

Located within a mall along Otsu-Dori Street is the Harerurya Osuten store. It is near the aforementioned Hobby Station at Banshoji Street, just a few minutes away albeit having to cross a main road.

Once you’re in the mall, you’re bound to find a lift and directions to the store where you’ll find the store on the 3rd floor.

Although this store sells mostly Magic: The Gathering cards and accessories, it’s worth checking if they sell any Pokemon TCG single cards of your choice, considering its location is very near many other Pokemon TCG stores.

5. Clove Base Osu

Source: Google Maps

Within the same mall as Hareruya, just one level above it is another store that sells Pokemon TCG, Clove Base.

Unfortunately, the prices of the singles sold in this store may not be as great as those of the previous stores. 

However, considering its proximity to the other stores and the fact that there is another card store within the same building, it’s probably worth taking a look at in case you can find a rare card that you’ve been keeping an eye out for.

6. Mandrake Nagoya

Source: Google Maps

If you are on the lookout for vintage (Pocket Monsters) cards, it might be worth giving Mandrake Nagoya a visit.

This store has a respectable catalogue of vintage cards and most of the ones on sale generally are of mint condition with reasonable prices.

Located south of Fullcomp within the Osu district, it’s just a few minutes walk away if you’re either coming from Fullcomp or intending to visit Fullcomp next.

7. Bee Honpo Osu

Source: Google Maps

Yet another store located near each other, Bee Honpu is just a few buildings to the west of Fullcomp, taking you probably no longer than 2 minutes of walking from there.

Like Mandrake, this store also has a respectable collection of vintage Pocket Monsters cards of varying rarity, where the rarer vintage cards would be selling for hundreds of thousands of Yen.

If you love Pikachu ⚡, the store also had a section selling various Pikachu cards, including the 25th Anniversary Pikachu cards, so be sure to check it out if it’s still available.

8. Surugaya Nagoya (Osu Treca Boardgame)

Source: Google Maps

Just a little bit further down the road along the Akamon-Dori street from Fullcomp and Bee Honpo, you can find Surugaya Specialty Store.

Take note that if you search for “Surugaya Nagoya” on Google Maps, there are 2 stores of the name Surugaya, however, the one we’re talking about, which sells Pokemon Cards, would be “Surugaya Nagoya Osu Treca Boardgame”. 🤔

This store has a wide selection of both modern AR & SAR cards as well as vintage Pocket Monsters cards, most in good condition.

9. Toreca Camp

Source: Google Maps

Just opposite Surugaya Nagoya, you can find the Toreca Camp store, right next to a car parking lot
They sell not just a wide variety of single cards, from rare vintage cards to modern ones, but they also have a wide variety of Pokemon TCG sealed items.

From the rare vintage booster packs to modern booster packs, as well as booster boxes including the 151 and VSTAR Universe booster boxes, the variety of sealed products in this store is really respectable. 👍

Despite the variety, however, the prices of the items in this store may be higher than in other stores but it is definitely worth checking out given the number of products you can find here.

That is all for our recommendations for the 9 stores that Pokemon TCG collectors should visit while in Nagoya, Japan. If you are planning to go there or are already there, we hope you have a great time over there and may you find the cards and products you’re looking for!

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