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The Ultimate Guide to Flower Gifts in 2022

Ultimate Guide Flower Gifts 2022
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If you’ve ever been asked “What shall we eat for lunch?” you know it’s one of the hardest questions to answer. Well, there’s another that is equally as hard to solve: “What do we get as a gift for our loved one’s birthday?”. Albeit the millions of possibilities to answer that question, there is one gift option that works every time – flowers.

flower chimp flower gifts
Image Source: Hot Romance from Flower Chimp

Flowers? You may think that flowers are only for women, but the times have changed. These days, flowers make great gifts and customers’ shopping habits have proven that flowers are perfect for both men and women. But getting the most out of our flower shopping requires a smart online shopper. Don’t worry, our friends at Flower Chimp have compiled a list of easy pointers to help you shop for flowers and gifts and deliver them to the ones you love in no time. 

Flowers – The Fresher, The Better!

Like all produce, flowers work best when they are fresh. In fact, the fresher, the better! While most suppliers don’t have a garden with ready-to-pick blossoms, most keep their flowers refrigerated or in a cold room to prevent wilting. Flower Chimp sources from local suppliers that bring in crisp, off-the-stalk flowers that are inspected and arranged into beautiful and intricate designs to suit your preference. With a mission to promote brighter, healthier blossoms, each bouquet and flower arrangement is garnished with a variety of flower species to create unspoken beauty unlike any other arrangement. 

flower chimp flower gifts
Image Source: Canva

To preserve freshness, the florist must maintain optimum temperature, humidity, and a gentle handling process when transporting flowers and arrangements. As a smart online shopper, you can read the customer reviews and product reviews to see if the flowers arrive fresh and in pristine condition. If the general perception towards the delivered product is good, you can confidently place your order. Some criteria to look for include:

  • Delivery time – Did the flower delivery arrive within the expected time?
  • Flower freshness – Were the flowers fresh?
  • Product authenticity – Did the flowers look like the advertised product or were there changes made?

Save with Offers and Discounts

You don’t need to be Singaporean to be thrifty. Everyone wants to save whenever they can. While we desire the finest gifts to send to our loved ones, we are also aware of how much we spend. Thankfully, there are discounts and promos that we can take advantage of. Look for promos on flower delivery – particularly around the festive seasons – Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. Flower and gift prices tend to soar during these celebrations, so any discounts or promo codes would help you save on your gift purchases.  

flower valentines
Image Source: Flower Chimp Valentine’s Day

Here’s a life hack that works great to save you big bucks. When shopping for flowers during a celebration, place your order at least a month before the celebration. For example, for Mother’s Day (which falls in the month of May), place your flower orders for Mum in April. This way, you beat the long line of people rushing to buy flowers during the peak season. Nothing exciting? Subscribe to a flower delivery via email and you’ll get interesting offers every week. There are a huge variety of offers and discounts that encourage you to shop online while saving money. 

Also, look for offers on shipping and free delivery promotions so you won’t need to pay extra for that service. Can’t find a promo code? Add a product to-cart and intentionally leave it there for a few days. You’ll most likely receive a promo code or an incentive via email to complete you purchase. Don’t believe it? Try it and find out for yourself. 

PS: You can try the tricks above on ANY online shopping portal.

Go Big with Bundles and Add-Ons

Shopping online for flowers is great thanks to add-ons. Flowers alone are awesome, but add-ons complete the care package and show the recipient how special he or she is. What are some additional goodies you could bundle together with a gift of flowers? For starters, chocolates pair perfectly with flowers. 

flower chimp flower gifts
Image Source: Flower Chimp

Confections such as Ferrero Rocher and Cadbury are ideal for that sweet sensation to be paired with. With a bigger budget, you could opt for something more premium such as Godiva chocolates. The choice is yours. Apart from chocolates, go ahead and include celebratory gifts such as a balloon with a huge “Happy Birthday” written on it, or a plush teddy bear as a sign of cuddly romance. Why not get fancy with a little red wine? Flowers and wine are the ideal combination for a Netflix and chill date night with your significant other. 

Last-Minute Gifts with Same-Day Delivery

As creatures of habit, we often forget when a friend or relative’s birthday comes around. Thankfully, you can get last-minute gifts of flowers with a same-day delivery. Choose a flower delivery service with same-day shipping such as Flower Chimp and have them delivered within a few hours. Save yourself the hassle of rushing out to buy a gift by ordering flowers online.

Canva giftbox
Image Source: Canva

Be warned, there’s a catch! There are certain conditions you have to know when ordering with same-day delivery. In most cases, these requirements simply mean that you must make your purchase early in the day (before the cut-off time). After placing your order, you’ll receive a tracking number to monitor the progress of the package delivery.

Ultimately, shopping online is a necessity. Shopping online for gifts is not only a necessity, but a fun activity to engage in if you’re a smart online shopper. Follow these tips for seamless online shopping for flowers or get further tips and tricks on hassle free flower purchases here.     

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