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Which University & Course Should I Choose?

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Your University Degree is going to be the most important certificate in your life. It is important to make a wise choice on what we want to study. A few years back, I was at the exact same spot making this major decision.I have ranked some factors according to their level of importance.

0) Eligibility

You can almost forget about the course if you barely meet the minimum criteria. A placing in a University is very competitive. Thousands are applying for that few spots. One of the first few things the admission department look at is your result. You will most likely get rejected if you barely meet the minimum grades.

So close

Your chances may increase if you are stacked with leadership positions, awards, community service etc.

So if you really want that particular course, it doesn’t hurt to try. Sometimes you can get lucky…

1A) Employment opportunities 

Let’s begin for real by being practical. Humans need air, water and food to survive. To get food and water, we need money. The best way to earn money is to have a job.

Most companies in Singapore recognise local universities degrees. It won’t affect much if you put in the effort.

*Do note that an average SMU student has a higher starting salary.


Choose one that’s more reputable for those wanting to work overseas. If you have the money, you may also consider overseas University.

1B) Career options

This goes hand in hand with the one on top. Do you already have an idea of what you want to work as? Great, just choose what will help you the most.

Don’t worry if you are still unsure. Choose something more general. Business, Economics and Engineering are some of them.

Still have no idea? Why not choose jobs that are in high demand?  Read the news and you may find something like this

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2) Interest

Your degree will affect what you are doing for your life. Your life will be miserable if you are doing something you don’t enjoy. Choose something that you like or slightly like. Passion alone won’t get you far. You need to choose something realistic and interesting at the same time.  Cruel truth 🙁

The good news is there are lots options out there. There should be something that interests you. It is always good to do some research for the courses you are interested in.

3) Financial capability

How much are the fees? What are the financial aids and loans available? What scholarships and bursaries are there? You wouldn’t like to have a heavy debt to stress over once you obtain your degree. But if are really passionate and sure of what you want, go for it!

Student loan

4) Culture

You will be spending at least 3 years in your university. Try to get as much fun as possible. But hey don’t neglect your studies!

party meme

This should not be your main concern. Don’t think short. Think long! Don’t rush through your decision making. You can always consult your parents, friends or seniors. Here what they have to say and you may have a clearer idea. And for the guys, you have 2 years to change your mind. 😛

Note sure meme

We are also here to help. Tell us a bit about yourself (via any of the channels to reach us) and we can give you some advice.

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