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Unruly – The Best Monetization High CPM Platform for Publishers

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After constant experimentation with numerous advertising companies, from Google Adsense to, the Guidesify Team is pleased to announce to our readers our most preferred choice of CPM Network: UnrulyX. We have chosen this network over the mainstream juggernauts like Google/Yahoo/Bing due to its flexibility, ease of integration and attractive CPM rates. 

Unruly Network has been around since 2006 and acquired by News Corp in 2015. It specialises in serving Video Ads where its team helps 91% of Ad Age 100 brands like SONY, Unilever, EA and more inspire and reach people around the world. It is still a mystery to us why this company is never publicised heavily by the blogger community. Hence, we are giving them a HUGE SHOUTOUT and why publishers and bloggers alike should consider them as the #1 choice. In this non-sponsored review, we will be mainly discussing on their In-Article ad unit.

Unruly CEO Sarah Wood
Unruly Co-Founder Shares Insights With Next Generation Of Journalists

Available to: Bloggers/Publishing Companies who has a substantial amount of monthly page views and consistently produce premium and niche content. If the website you wish to sign up with Unruly has little web traffic, you could still try your luck by emailing them. 

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Integration Process

Super easy. Easier than Google Adsense. One thing to like about the sign-up process is that everything is done manually and efficiently by the Unruly team. All you have to do is to sign up here and wait for their team to get back to you in a few working days.

Unruly is passionate about brand safety, and vets all publishers carefully before onboarding. Therefore, the process is seamless for legitimate sites. For your information, large companies like Google and can take as long as 2-3 months only to receive a rejection email from them. We can safely say that Unruly greatly surpasses them in this aspect.

Flowers with Laptop

Right after getting accepted, their dedicated staff will continue to communicate with you via email in which they will provide you with an integration code. Paste the code once, and everything in the backend will be managed and executed brilliantly by the Unruly team. Yes, that’s right – no more additional troubleshooting, saving you lots of time and effort.

However, if you are still curious to know what is done in the backend, your website will be tested with various combinations of ad formats within hours and ads could be served on your site within a day or two. In our experience, the ad units are geo-targeted so as to maximise CPM and user experience. 

Other details you could provide in your email thread with Unruly to further optimise the ad unit:

• Rough estimation of your monthly website traffic

• Demographics of your site traffic

• Niche of the site’s content

• Support Keyword Blocklists

• Stop serving on requested URLs

• Target away from certain sections of the website

Nothing much, just the usual stuff to ensure only truly native ad content is being delivered.

Delivery of Ad Campaigns

In Article

In the most seamless way possible, the Unruly video is only loaded after everything else on your site is loaded. The ad unit loads as a silent autoplay unit which is entirely skippable, and clearly labelled as an advertisement.

Unruly’s players are also designed to transact on viewability – only loading when the page view comes from a human. It appears when readers scroll down a certain length of the article (After 2nd paragraph for us) and will disappear upon completion of ad delivery. With this, advertisers will never have to worry about invalid or bot traffic as this method of delivery guarantees impression revenue for publishers, while still ensuring your site to be safe from violating any regulations regarding bogus traffic. On a side note, since Unruly only work with premium brands, this is also a way for them to ensure ads delivered by them mostly come from top quality advertisers.

All of which focus heavily on user experience, thus maintaining the overall site UX and making ad blocker deployment far less likely. Additionally, another aspect that makes the Unruly ad unit more user-friendly is the quality of the content served. We emphasise again that Unruly works solely and closely with premium advertisers to ensure that content is engaging and served to the right audiences at the right time. The quality of ads matters if you are serious about building a website.

CPM and Regulations

Due to obvious reasons, the exact CPM rates cannot be disclosed. However, unlike mainstream CPM networks, Guidesify assures you that the rates are more than attractive and never fluctuates/decay. The only drawback about serving Unruly ads is that publishers are only allowed to serve one ad unit per page. Nevertheless, you could still maximise your ad revenue by using Unruly in conjunction with other CPM networks. For publishers with low bounce rates, multiple creatives/campaigns running per ad unit will help with optimising ad revenue too.


Other rules and regulations include:

• Unruly follows IAB’s frequency capping. This ensures that readers do not get irritated by repeated advertisements. It also reduces the disruptiveness of user experience on publishers’ end as well.

• However, the video player is not limited, only the creatives. Readers should be able to see more than one creative from Unruly as more creatives go live on your ad unit.

• Besides creatives and campaigns running on the ad unit, revenue is continuously driven through the open and private marketplace as well.

Payment and Reporting Interface

Graph of Guidesify’s Earnings

Since almost everything is managed by Unruly, the only time you have to log in to their platform is to take a glance at your earnings. There are graphs, charts and custom reporting tools at your disposal. There is also a campaigns tab to view which campaigns are currently running on your site. Unruly pays by both PayPal and Invoice and has the regular payment threshold of 50 USD. For more information, you can take a look at their Network Polices and Terms & Conditions.

Bonus: Our Personal Experience – Best Support for Publishers

Based on our experience, we have never come across any other digital advertising company with such superb staff and support. Our dedicated point of contact, let’s call her J, was extremely down to Earth. On top of that, replies were very prompt and concise. This was the main reason that led us to the decision of staying with the Unruly network for a long time. 

Upon signing up, lots of resources and materials were available for our reference. Minor hiccups along the way were quickly rectified within minutes by their dedicated team.

The ads don’t seem to affect page load speeds as well. Most important of all, the greatest worry of publishers/bloggers – CPM decay, was non-existent.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. As Facebook can be a significant source of traffic for some websites, we hope that Unruly can allow publishers to implement the ads on Facebook’s Instant Articles soon. 


Give it a try especially if you are new to monetising your website. This CPM network is truly world class. Period.

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