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Vinomofo – The Only Wine Shop You Need in Singapore

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It is said that a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift is never a bad idea, but getting it from Cold Storage or Sheng Siong definitely doesn’t cut it either! Mark our words, it will look bad on you. That said, pretty much all of the top wines are imported and can be found in our tiny little red dot, though it can cost a considerable amount of coin and effort to source them. That is until…. we found Vinomofo (Psst…Vinomofo promo code below), a motherf@%*ng legendary wine platform for purchasing cases of premium wine at the lowest possible wholesale prices on the planet. Here’s our no BS review on the wine shop / e-retailer.

Vinomofo Review – 4.8/5
Great pricing, express delivery, and exceptional service for wine lovers

Just 0.2 stars shy from a perfect 5-star rating, the Guidesify Team has nothing but good things to say about Vinomofo. The overall shopping experience was seamless, fuss-free, and minimalistic in nature, showing the amount of thought put into designing the platform for wine lovers. 

Vinomofo has got real class, just like the premium wine labels they’ve got on their store…
Use the Vinomofo promo code GUIDESIFY to get $25 off their first order. Rest assured, we earn zero commissions (affiliate links are only placed for tracking purposes).

Membership is Free, with a Whole Lot of Perks

Image Source: Vinomofo

When Vinomofo first started in a garage in Adelaide, the founders Justin and Andre envisioned it to be a place where wine lovers can buy wine from, and hang out with like-minded people in the community. 

This vision has been preserved for a decade now (happy anniversary btw), and the tribe has grown to a size of more than 500,000 members today. 

500,000 isn’t just a number. We believe that there is strength in numbers when it comes to buying wine, and hence Vinomofo is a members-only site..

Besides, registering takes less than a minute and the free membership comes with a lifetime of perks and rewards! So what are you whining about?

Free Shipping – 100% Happiness Guaranteed

wine shop

Image Source: Vinomofo

Once you’re part of the tribe, it is Vinomofo’s top priority to make sure you’re satisfied. Free shipping is usually applied when you spend $200 or more, but it may also be offered unconditionally during certain time-limited events.

In this review, we had the chance to get our hands on the Super Premium French Whites lineup (3-pack @ S$289) and the Premium Australian Reds lineup (3-pack @ S$180). The order was fulfilled a day and a half later, and the wine was delivered to our doorstep perfectly chilled. 

Enhanced Free Returns  

To add to their promise of happiness, if a bottle has been opened in a case of 6, the wine online store pledges to organise pickup and give you a full credit or refund — you choose. 

And don’t worry about the return delivery charges. That’s covered too.

P.S we didn’t test the returns feature because we drank it all. It was that good.

Remember when we said strength in numbers?

With the army of mofos uniting together comes great economies of scales and bargaining power. 

Aside from using our Vinomofo promo code, the store hands out massive discounts on its portfolio of premium wine consistently  – A whopping average of 51% off retail prices and up to 75% during mega sales events.

These deals can become so absurd at times that wine producers will only agree to sell it on the “black market” on condition that the wine and the producer’s identity are kept secret to preserve the sanctity of the brand prestige. 

Good Wines Only for Good Vibes Only

We opined that most wine clubs out there were formed for the sole purpose of getting rid of garbage wines. Vinomofo is that one outlier to this observation.

The wine online store may not have many SKUs available for the shoppers’ choosing, though it is undoubtedly very much a renowned platform, but this is because only less than 5% of the wines tested by certified legends like Dave get approved to be on the platform. 

While reviewing the platform, we were particularly fond of the Swings & Roundabouts Backyard Stories Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 from the aforementioned reds lineup. It was easy to drink and a great “break-in” wine for beginners to kickstart a lifelong appreciation of this wonderful beverage.

Making Sure the Wine Industry Evolves with them

Prior to their existence, the wine industry never knew how to talk to the younger adults. It was always perceived as an expensive hobby for the retired (at least to us). 

The unconventional and laidback angle that Vinomofo has taken subtly created a more open and inclusive wine community that we can all appreciate.

Now, everyone can enjoy good wine without feeling intimidated…. Or broke.

Vinomofo also works with both innovative up-and-comers to help them sustain and grow their business, as well as established names, in the winemaking industry. 

To them, it’s all about championing good wine, and Vinomofo sees no difference between small or big, or an individual versus a business. It’s all in the name of finding the finest wine on Earth.

Are you ready to vino, mofo?

Vinomofo Promo code

Image Source: Vinomofo

Whether you are a professional wine taster or not, Vinomofo is hands down the best one-stop shop for all your wine-related needs. 

We would have given the platform a perfect rating if not for 2 minor improvements they could consider: implementing Whatsapp/Messenger support and “Sign in with Google” features.
P.S. Please don’t take umbrage in our remarks, we were just being anal rententive!

They’ve successfully disrupted the traditional/stuffy wine industry and harnessed the bargaining power of buyers, purchasing entire wine vintages directly from the producers – which in turn, results in unbeatable prices and exclusive premium wines for you to flex it at the next housewarming party.

For beginners, we recommend the mixed case as it allows you to trial a range of high-quality wines instead of buying a case of 6 identical wines.

Can’t wait? We know the FOMO is real. Start sipping some quality wine by simply popping the code GUIDESIFY when shopping on Vinomofo. The Vinomofo promo code will take $25 off your first purchase!

Visit Vinomofo’s site for inexpensive quality wine.

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