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Interesting Ways to Spend Your Time When Travelling

Travel blogger Cedric Okiorina
Read time: 3 min.

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Travelling is one of the best ways to enjoy the wonders of the world around you. However, there are, unfortunately, many times while travelling that the sights are less than incredible, and it is during these times that you will be glad you brought something entertaining along with you.

Read Something

The written word is the ideal travelling companion for those who like to travel alone. Silent until called upon, and then utterly enthralling on command. Whatever you like to read, you will be glad that you brought it along with you when you went travelling, especially if you miss a connection or have a flight cancelled.

Novels. The bedrock of reading, novels are timeless classics that will never lose their lustre nor fail to draw you into a world every bit as captivating as our own. In fact, if you enjoy reading on an e-reader, then the only major drawback to travelling with books, their weight, is basically eliminated. Just be sure to pack a paper book or two in case your e-reader dies mid-journey.

Visual Texts. Whether you enjoy manga, manhwa, comic books, or graphic novels, the fact is that visual texts are a wonderfully engaging way to read. They are every bit the travelling companion that a novel is and are often easier for tired reading at the end of a long day.

Play Some Games

Much like a good book, a wonderful game is brilliant travelling entertainment, whether you travel alone or with company. Games can help to brighten your time spent waiting or even to help punctuate a wonderful day spent in a beautiful location. 

Board Games. Whether you’re sat in the sun enjoying a picnic with your family or waiting in an airport for your plane to land, a good board game is a great way to spend that time. Games like Yahtzee and Battleships are always fun and easy to transport meaning you can slip them into any bag you take along with you.

Video Games. If you’re looking to play something alone or simply enjoy the thrill of playing at highly recommended online casinos, playing video games is another great way to spend your downtime while travelling. Whether you’re playing on a phone, tablet, or laptop, there are almost limitless options to what you can play.

Learn a Skill

Finally, if you have the time and the inclination then you could even focus on learning some new skills while you’re away on holiday.

Speak a Language. Speaking of learning as you go, if you ever wanted to learn the language of the country you’re travelling to, then there is no better way to learn than by picking it up from local speakers. Of course, that is a little easier if you have a good understanding to start with, but total immersion learning is an incredibly effective way to become fluent in a language.

Play an Instrument. Bringing your guitar with you to strum a chord or two by the sea is certainly not the worst idea anyone has ever had, and it could be a great way to learn as you go.

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