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Why Google Drive Offers Free 15 GB Storage & Apple Restricts Theirs To 5 GB?

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Ever wondered why Google offers so many services including Google Drive storage space for free?

Google Drive

Image Source: Google Drive

Like what everyone says, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. There is, perhaps, a reason why Google is offering you 15GB free storage.

It is a very generous amount.

Google – A Little Backstory

According to Google’s annual report, 96% of its income comes from advertising.

Google is an advertising company at its core that makes use of its technology to reach out to people and connect its advertisers and their customers.


Image Source: Google

Its technology is used to complement its advertising business. R&D by Google is mainly aimed at delivering the ads purchased by advertisers to people who actually need those products or services.

Google mainly focuses on identifying the potential customers of its clients who wish to advertise on its advertising network.

Other products offered by Google are simply byproducts.

The Information Age!!!

In an age where information is wealth (literally), Companies like Facebook and Google are collecting as much information as possible in order to deliver their ads to the people who are most likely to purchase those products.


Image Source: Pexels

By delivering ads to the most relevant users, these advertising platforms are becoming more popular among advertisers.

Using Storage To Obtain Data?

In order to obtain information, Google relies on the services that they provide for free.

All emails are scanned and analysed for keywords.

Every time we use google maps, google keeps a track of the locations of the places that we visit.

Google Maps

Image Source: Google Maps

Every time we search for something in the search engine, Google takes note of the keywords.

Google then uses this information to display the most relevant ads to us based on our own interests. So the more information collected by Google, the more useful it is to decide what our interests are.

A similar process is followed by Facebook. All Facebook walls are unique and designed based on our interests.

Apple, on the other hand, is a product company and hence, you are charged for using any storage above 5 GB on iCloud.

Bonus: How Google Maps Perfectly Predicts Traffic

All of us use google maps to know the directions to various locations during our everyday commute.

In addition to showing us the direction to the required location, we are able to check the traffic in that direction.

This allows us to choose the route with minimum traffic. Google maps also estimate the time that would be taken to reach our destination. Have you ever wondered how these features in Google maps work?

Fun Fact: Waze, a community-driven navigation app is also owned by Google.

Google Maps Offline Maps Download Select Area

Image Source: Screenshot on Google Maps app

Google maps rely on users for predicting the traffic and the time taken to reach the destination.

It uses the location services of its users’ smartphones to analyse the time taken to reach from one place to another and also the time to cross a particular road or a traffic junction.

To collect data on this traffic, Google partners with “the most comprehensive and authoritative data sources” via its Base Map Partner Program.

A huge number of agencies submit detailed vector data to Google, and these agencies include the USDA Forest Service, the US National Park Service, the US Geological Survey, various city and county councils, and so on.

Other programs like street view are also used by Google maps. Since Google predicts by analysing the user activities, its precision depends on the number of users who use it.

The more the number of users more accurate its predictions are!

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