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5 Important Tips For Your New Years’ Resolution

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With Christmas just past, most people are now looking towards the New Year and how to shake off that Christmas dinner bulk. What better way to do that than to come up with some New Year’s resolutions?

Whether it’s to lose weight, or to get a job, or to learn a new skill, this checklist might help you out.

So, how do you go about setting goals and achieving them?

Be specific


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Most people would probably go for the clichéd statements “go to the gym” or “make new friends”, but this is often the sign of poor goal-setting. The problem lies in the fact that both statements are too general and simplified to guide you effectively. It’s like being given a map with no labels or symbols to let you know what your surroundings are and where you want to go.

So, let’s go about setting a destination, a path, landmarks, and symbols to guide us. How does one go about doing that?

By setting specific goals that are quantitive. Let’s say you would like to lose weight and get into shape. Instead of just telling yourself to get a gym membership simply, try setting milestone goals on the calendar, telling yourself to lose 5 kg by the end of this month, and another 5 by the end of the next.

This gives you a rough roadmap of what you have to do, by a certain deadline. It shrinks the size of the goal down into manageable chunks, so you don’t get overwhelmed and discouraged right at the start. It is always ideal to take things one step at a time, especially if you are aiming for a slightly ambitious and life-changing goal.

It is also ideal to create a plan as to how you will achieve this, and this brings us to the next point.

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Be objective

Plan Thinking

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It is not enough to set specific goals for yourself. Often, you may need to do research online to find the best ways to reach your goal.

There are plenty of “lose-weight-quick” exercise regimes online, and it is up to you to find out which one is most suitable for you. Some websites tell you to do a crazy amount of crunches, pull-ups and bench presses, while others advise you to do extreme dieting and fasting. It is up to you to choose a reasonable regime to follow, something you think you can do on a regular basis.

It’s advisable to start small and not dive into the deep end too quick. Avoid taking any drastic or extreme actions that may harm your wellbeing. Gradually ease yourself into the grind and work at it until you are comfortable, then consider going for something more challenging.

You might also have to consider whether your goals are realistic. If you are attempting to socialise more, do acknowledge that it is impossible to be a socialite overnight; instead, tell yourself to take it on a week-by-week basis and reflect on your newfound friends and think about whether or not you are satisfied with your progress.

Do not be overly cynical, or unrealistically optimistic either. Find a realistic viewpoint and be reasonable, as impossible expectations and actions may impact your motivation.

Find motivation


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This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people attempting to complete their resolutions may lose steam after the first week. Often, they make rash decisions and jump right in, thinking it would be easy. However, once they hit the first obstacle and start floundering, they lose hope and give up.

Hence, it is essential to think carefully about the goal and plan you are setting for yourself. Is it really what you want, and do you want to work for it? What positive change in your life will it bring? Why do you want this so badly?

Any resolution you set for yourself will be challenging (and if it isn’t, you probably aren’t setting your goals right). You must be prepared for an uphill struggle mentally and physically. If you are caught off guard and your flimsy motivational barrier breaks, not only will you be unable to reach your goal, you may be gravely disappointed about not being able to achieve your goal. This can impact your mental wellbeing.

However, if you create a goal you are determined to attain, you will feel the opposite effect and will work towards it harder than ever despite any and all challenges. This is especially so if you are doing the goal strictly for yourself.

Avoid peer pressure and influence from popular trends, or merely following your celebrities’ footsteps. Only when you are doing it for yourself, will your motivation be pure and unwavering.

That said, it is always more enticing if you are doing it with a close friend.

Do it with a friend


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It was mentioned in this article that you should be doing your goal for yourself. However, if you have a close friend who has many things in common with you, chances are that he would have the same goal as you do. Ask around, and see if there are like-minded individuals around you who would like to share the journey with you.

However, avoid large groups; too many people around you might distract and divert you from your goal. Having just one work-out buddy, or someone to climb that mountain with you, or someone to do community work with you, is exactly right.

They can give you appropriate feedback and provide positive peer pressure, without being overwhelming or demanding. They can make the journey fun, and when you are feeling down, they can pick you up and cheer you on. In turn, you can help them back and strengthen familial bonds.

But the biggest point is coming up.

Enjoy the journey

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There’s no point in working towards a goal if you are purely suffering throughout the process. Sure, there can be bitter moments, but to truly be motivated, healthy, and improving yourself, you have to be enjoying the experience. Professional counsellors – such as the ones at BetterHelp – can help you learn how to enjoy the experience while reaching your goals and resolutions.

Enjoy the journey, especially with your friends, and when you’ve reached your goal, you can look back and reflect on how far you have come. Imagine how pleasantly surprised your friends and family would be when you speak a new language, or share a foreign experience, or reveal the new you. When you look back, you might be able to laugh at the struggles you had and celebrate the breakthroughs you had.

Finally, when everything has quietened down, think about where you would go next year, and whether you could improve on how you approached your goal. Life is about continually learning and being challenged.

Has this helped you with your New Year’s resolution? Let us know below!

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