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7 Instagram Accounts Cooking Noobs Should Follow

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If you’re a cooking noob like me waiting to ignite your passion for cooking, or just someone who wants to hone your cooking skills, here are seven different Instagram accounts that you should follow right now. From the adorable bear looking rice ball to the healthy detox shake that you need to make for your fitness journey, these food accounts will definitely be of use to you in your cooking adventures!  We also included a bonus account to follow, if you’re a fan of the Japanese cuisine!


@littlemissbento (320k Followers)


Pic credits: @littlemissbento

Let’s start off by igniting some of that cooking enthusiasm by appreciating these cute looking bento sets by @littlemissbento. From Jackie Teddy pancakes to wintery panda bread, and even LINE friends bento onigiri, @littlemissbento shares the ingredients used for certain kinds of food that she makes. For others, she tags food places that she got her adorable insta-worthy food items from, mostly seems to be from the land of kawaii – Japan. Here we can see one of her latest creations, a Pompompurin osechi bento, very apt for the new year as we welcome the year of the dog!

For those who will like to find out more, she also has a website that you can visit more comprehensive recipes:


Bite-sized Video Recipes

@BuzzfeedTasty (15.5 Million Followers)

With 15.5 million followers, @buzzfeedtasty is one of the most followed accounts that is featured here. Filled with videos of recipes that are relatively simple, the account gives a step-by-step illustration of how each food item is done. We love the video on the Fondue Party – Just by adding cheese in a pot and stirring in ingredients, ta-dah, here’s a cheese fondue party for the holidays! The account also periodically features some celebrities such as Aubrey Anderson-Emmons from Modern Family, who showed the viewers how to make Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow.


Pic credits: @buzzfeedtasty


Elevate Your Dish!

@soyummy (5.5 Million Followers)

We love @soyummy because it makes simple food elevated! Once again, the account uses bite-sized videos that illustrate the various steps, but the soyummy goes one step further to provide tips to ‘elevate’ your dish. Very important for cooking noobs like me! One trick that they recently posted was on dinner party plating tricks – and seriously the dishes look like they are right out of MasterChef!

Have you seen Galactic donuts as well? The account actually makes making ‘out-of-this-world’ looking food seem easy to make! This recipe is definitely going into my ‘saved’ list.


Pic Credits: @soyummy


Be Healthy!

We also found 3 different healthy food recipe accounts that you can follow, especially if eating healthy is one of your resolutions for the New Year.

@buzzfeedtastyveg (Not Found)

If you have decided to swear off meat and go full on vegetarian, @buzzfeedtastyveg is the account to go to. Don’t worry if you think you’ll be left out of dinner parties; the account has 630k followers who are also into the vegetarian scene. If you’re new to vegetarian food, perhaps you can also join their meat-free eats at #VeganFridays. A few items that caught our eye are the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie, Tofu Tikka Masala and the One-Pot Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Definitely yum!


Pic Credits: @buzzfeedtastyveg

@goodful (2 Million Followers)

With 2 million followers, the account creates a one-stop station for its followers to ‘feel good’ through good food and a good lifestyle. It mainly covers recipes and food but also does the occasional lifestyle posts like storage or bath bombs

The account has a 2-week healthy eating challenge that you can take part in as you eat your way through the New Year. #GoodfulHealthyEating is the hashtag that you can use when you take pics of your healthy creations. We particularly like the mixed posts of this account covering both delectable delights as well as yoga and meditation. If you’re eating well, you should be feeling great too!


Pic credits: @goodful

@detox_recipes (337k Followers)

Described as ‘Smoothies & more’, @detox_recipes is filled with smoothies, smoothies, and again, smoothies! A thick, smooth drink of fresh fruit pureed with milk, yoghurt, or ice cream; the recipes on this account include smoothie bowls as well.

From a simple detox water recipe using Lemon, Ginger and Basil Iced Tea to something complex like the ‘golden turmeric chia pudding and chocolate ginger ice cream topped with cinnamon poached pears’, the account is a must-follow if you’re a diehard smoothie fan. Definitely works well as a fitness drink, mid-day dessert or breakfast energiser!


Pic credits: @detox_recipes

Keep Fit or Lose Weight

@deliciousfitnessmeals (799k Followers)

Last but not least, if you’re intending to keep fit or are in the midst of a diet, here’s the best account for you. ‘Eat delicious every day’ and ‘Lose Weight Quick’ seems like great descriptions for a food recipe page, and the page promises no ads, just recipes. Seems too good to be true? The recipes do look legit as well as the high number of followers at almost 800k!

We particularly like the cauliflower hashbrown recipe – looks as easy as just cutting the vegetable and frying it though the end product looks yummy?  The Berry Acai Bowl looks beautiful and definitely easy to make as well. Guess this is on our must-try list!


Pic credits: @deliciousfitnessmeals

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Bonus Account to follow: @tastyjapan

Another expansion of the ‘Buzzfeed Tasty’ accounts (@buzzfeedtasty and @buzzfeedtastyveg) @tastyjapan has 2.9 million followers and uses many bite-sized videos to illustrate the making of the food dishes as well.

What’s interesting about this account is that not only it is mainly in Japanese (just press the ‘see translation’ button to see it in your preferred language), but it covers many Japanese foods such as a Datemaki Roll! Our favourite is the ‘dumplings’ that look like bears on a stick, and like all things Japanese, many of the recipes are cute and colourful! Some examples are the animal toasts, panda dessert, snowman hotpot dish – I think you get our drift.


Pic Credits: @tastyjapan

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