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8 Types Of Students We Have All Seen In JC

Types of JC Students
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During the struggle to prepare for A Levels, we will interact and cross paths with a lot of people in our Junior Colleges (JC). Here, we discuss the most common types of students we have all seen in school compiled into a short guide for all to enjoy.

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The Mugger

Studying is no doubt necessary in Singapore. After all, we need to prepare for ‘A’ Levels. These are the most common type of people. You will always see them in the library or stay back in the classroom to ask their teachers endless questions. During lectures, they will be the ones who will listen attentively and take notes! However, let’s admit it. Deep down in our hearts, we all secretly belong to this category. In the end, as much as we hate it, studying seems like the best option for a better future in Singapore.

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The Super Mugger

A level above Muggers would be the Super Muggers. Other than all the things listed above, these people go a step further. They are probably the type who would sacrifice their health and stay up late on a daily basis to do their homework and revisions. During the weekends, they most likely have booked numerous consultation sessions with their teachers at Starbucks. They are often praised as the “Diligent ones” by the teachers.

super mugger


The Pop Star

No doubt you will see him/her in school. These people are somehow everywhere, every time! They are students who seem to know every single person in school and can talk with anyone. You will either see them surrounded by friends all the time, or spending time (studying, eating or walking) with a different person every time. Yes, that includes friends of the opposite gender as well.


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The Joker

You will know them because they are the infamous ones in school. They are the people who behave rudely during tutorial and lectures. Is someone getting punished? It is probably one of the jokers. They are also the ones who can make a joke out of anything and laugh at everything. These people play a vital role in bringing a little fun and laughter to our mundane JC lives.


The Chiongster

Sometimes we run to the next lesson because the previous teacher dragged his or her tutorials. That’s acceptable. However, there will always be a few people who rush to the next venue without fail. Maybe they just want to secure the best seat, or they are just training for the next Sports Day. Then again, there’s another type of Chiongsters.. These are the ones that rush to the canteen to avoid the long queues and get seats in the canteen.


The Sleepyhead

You may have never seen their faces before, but you will notice their hair. Whatever lesson period it is, their faces would always be planted on the table. Feeling tired all the time is an understatement to describe these students… Teachers who give the benefit of the doubt will assume that they probably stayed up late to study. Teachers who don’t will believe that they are not interested in studying and start giving life lessons on the importance of education. Concerned teachers will ask if they are suffering from insomnia and other sleep related disorders.


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The Face of the School

Unless you walk with your eyes closed, you will see them in school banners and posters around the school. Whenever there’s a school magazine, their faces will be in it too. These people earned their position either because of their academic results, CCA achievements or the number of awards they won for the school.


The Unknown

You may have brushed past these people without even realising. You might not even think these people exist because of the lack of their presence in the school. These are the individuals who have a minuscule circle of friends, not a part of any CCA and are probably mute.


Of course, there are more types of JC students out there. These are the most common ones that all of us can spot and identify effortlessly. Feel free to discuss any other interesting type of students you have observed in school!

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