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A Celebration With Gifts

Flowers and gifts with Laptop
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Brothers are adorable and protective but sometimes annoying too! Having a brother is like having a companion who you can understand whatever you feel. And brothers understand our situation better than our parents. Ask someone who has no brother how he/she feels about it and you will know how lucky you are. And brothers can go to limits and beyond to help their siblings. So, if you have a brother, whether elder or younger, you should thank God for it. And you should also try to celebrate it by presenting lovely gifts to your brother from time to time. Gestures like gifts never fail to touch hearts and to convey the feelings that words can’t.

And gifting things which are of use to him and something that he loves too munch on is a great idea.

A Gift of his favourite cold drink

It’s summertime and the heat is increasing the temperature rapidly. Cold drinks do their best to beat the heat. Plan a full week to chill your brother with his favourite cold drink. Buy one bottle for each day and keep them in the refrigerator. Or you can give him surprise-thrills every day by getting him the drink daily from the market for a full week.

Bean Bag

Whether he is working or spending his time playing video games, gifts such as a bean bag is just like gifting comfort. There are varieties of bean bags available in the market. Try to get one in his favourite colour. For the surprise, place the bean bag in his room, cover his eyes, make him sit on that and then open his eyes to see him smile.


Almost everybody loves cakes. On moments like his birthdays, exam results, remarkable performance in the sport he plays, or occasions like Raksha Bandhan, treating your brother with a gift of cake is a delicate thing. Being a sister, you can also send rakhi to UK, USA, Australia or any other country where your brother lives along with the cake of Raksha Bandhan.

Book from his favourite Author

You don’t need to think about whether your brother is a book geek or not. Even if he reads once in a while, giving him a newly released book from his favourite Author can do the magic. There is a saying “Books are the best friends of humans’’ because books infuse lots and lots of diverse knowledge into the reader.

Personalised Phone Cover

Well, he may or may not like to use a phone cover, but still, you can try this because we are talking about the personalised mobile cover here. You can get a cover printed with his cartoon or his name in a quirky and designer way. And the personalisation aspect can change his mind, and he may start using a phone cover, which is a beneficial deal.

Gifts like sweets, chocolates, t-shirts, a pair of slippers, shorts, and earphones also make a great gift. They can help you to keep your brother happy, making him feel loved every day.

Don’t just read and leave, plan some gifts for your brother now!

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