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A few quick tips for a successful video strategy 

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We live in an era in which image and video dominate unchallenged over any other form of communication, online or offline, giving rise to virtual spaces animated by constantly moving graphic and visual elements, enlivened by sparkling colors, and perhaps even enlivened by background music or engaging sound effects. 

Among businesses and companies, there is now a widespread belief that video represents an extremely effective weapon for generating engagement, for inducing one’s audience to linger on the company page to enjoy the content entirely, from beginning to end, perhaps even leaving a comment or a like the moment they have finished viewing it. 

This is precisely one of the winning features of videos: this content, unlike text and some images, instantly captures the viewer’s attention, prompting them to stop their social media consultation-often carried on lazily, almost unconsciously-and stop and watch that specific content, as is often the case when you watch YouTube ads

Format and content 

Many brands, however, continue to use videos incorrectly, in some cases even blatantly wrong, making serious mistakes in the development of an appropriate format for the social media in question – each virtual space has its own rules, its own grammar, so you will naturally need different video genres for each platform – and especially in the content of the video, which on certain occasions does not fit perfectly with the strategic stage in which you are at that particular moment. 

To be truly effective, a video must be published on the right platform, at the most propitious time, and must be aimed at a very specific target audience. Each phase of the communication campaign, which will always have different objectives, will also have to correspond to a different kind of video, a content that will necessarily have to adapt to the peculiar moment of the promotional strategy in which the company finds itself at that moment. 

In the awareness phase, for example, the brand will have to focus everything on entertaining video content that tells stories with happy endings, and that can convey positive and encouraging messages. The real challenge begins in the consideration phase, which is when the customer must begin to dwell longer on the nature of the brand and its products, appreciating the company also for its values and other intangible peculiarities expressed through communication. 

At this stage, the most effective video content is undoubtedly that marked by greater concreteness, such as product-focused tutorials, guides and “how to” content, webinars, but also all those videos dedicated to corporate culture and employee testimonials, not forgetting, of course, any interviews given to the media by some leading figure in the company, or even simply by one of the employees. 

The most complex phase is undoubtedly the last one, the crucial conversion phase, in which companies will have to devote body and soul to the creation of content that will be able to transform the consumer’s interest (awakened also through videos) into a real desire to buy, thus inducing him to choose their own product over that of competitors.

An example from Vietnam 

Among the brands that are successfully employing online communication tools is certainly the Vietnamese brand Be Group, which in recent weeks has released an extremely ambitious corporate video that has already almost reached one million views. 

By skillfully mixing a bit of humor with the purest corporate values, along with indirect confirmation of its mission and inevitable references to Vietnamese culture, the company was able to produce a successful video, while also choosing the most appropriate channel and the most suitable time to publish it. In virtual online spaces, every piece of content must have its place, and it must be published with the right timing, otherwise it runs the risk of being totally ineffective. 

Another successful content strategy is certainly the one carried out by some online gambling brands, which in some cases have been able to make available to their users an extremely useful website full of engaging content, proposing a vast catalog of online games, known in Vietnam as sòng bài trực tuyến, and very interesting guides and reviews focused on the different gaming experiences proposed, thus offering a complete and exhaustive overview even to those who are experiencing the world of online entertainment for the first time, or even to new members. Thanks to the great variety of games offered, on these platforms every user will have the possibility to find the experience that best suits his or her tastes, thus achieving total and fulfilling entertainment. 

It will be the content that will fully define the image of your brand, pushing it true a bright path that leads directly to success.

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