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How to Watch YouTube Ad-Free on Android

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Ads keep sites and services free on the Internet, but times are getting rough. With the double pre-roll ads and anti-climatic mid-roll ads on YouTube, most of us do wonder, how can I watch YouTube Ad-Free on my Android mobile device?

Currently, more than ~40% of the Internet use some form of ad blocker to keep the annoying ads at bay, while most of us have developed a condition called Ad blindness – Where users have subconsciously and selectively filter our banner or ad-like content when browsing the internet.

Of course, having ad blindness doesn’t give you your precious time back.

With some quick maths, a person who watches 10 videos a day will waste 50 minutes per month watching YouTube ads.

No wonder users are finding ways to watch YouTube Ad-Free on their Android phones, with the exception of paying for YouTube premium at S$11.98/mth (or S$17.98/mth for family plan).

Here are 2 main methods to do block YouTube Ads on your Android device.

Note: Both methods have their tradeoffs. The best (only legit) way is to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Method 1: Ad Block on Edge or Brave Browser (iOS/Android)

The simplest way is to use your go-to web browsers’ native AdBlock feature, which will automatically block any YouTube ads from playing while you watch a video.

This method will work for iOS devices too.

The downside?

You have to watch it on your browser instead of using a dedicated app for YouTube.

Edge settings to watch youtube ad-free on android
Leave no chances! Turn off “Allow acceptable ads” because no ads are truly acceptable.

You can also install AdGuard on your Android or iOS device, where the free account is sufficient to block YouTube ads.

Method 2: PureTuber

Formerly known as Vanced Tube, PureTuber is a modified third-party YouTube application for Android.

As it name suggests, it prides itself in coming with a built-in AdBlock to keep the videos pure without ads.

Download Link: PureTuber

It also showcases other YouTube Premium features, i.e., playing the video in a pop-up window, background play support (with the phone locked) etc.

As a third-party YouTube application, the recommender systems seem to differ a slight bit from the normal YouTube algorithm, but that’s just us being nitpicky.

PureTuber watch youtube ad-free on android
Why pay to skip ads?

Of course, good things are always too good to be true.

Contrary to the naming of the app, PureTuber isn’t 100% devoid of ads.

The developers have sneakily inserted a few banner ads around the app interface. Every now and then, there will also be a pop-up video ad that may spring up in your face when you first open the app.

All this to keep the developers alive and healthy.

That being said, the app has remained true to its core and have no pre-roll or mid-roll ads in any of their videos.

Which method do you prefer?

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