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A Bucket List When You Are Traveling

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Setting goals helps people focus on the things they like to do or at least live life with aspirations. Making a bucket list allows you to identify the things that give you excitement, like practicing a new sport, visiting a new place, planning a trip, or completing a life goal. It’s never the wrong time to create a bucket list, so think about what you would like to get from your experiences and follow that hope.

How to create a bucket list

There are various benefits of having a bucket list since it helps you achieve goals and ensures that you have time for things that increase your happiness. Creating this list will force you to find your values and seek the experiences that you wanted a long time ago. One thing that people need to keep in mind is those travel goals don’t have to be specific, measurable, or timely as a business or a life goal.

First, pick up a travel journal and write your goals down. Did you know that 42% of people are more likely to achieve their goals and dreams if they wrote them down? This is a result of a study in California that investigated the Power of Writing Down Goals and Dreams. Keep it near you, so you can add more destinations to it as they appear in your mind.

The second step is writing down the places that you’ve already been to. There are so many places in the world that can be explored by you, so to avoid this overload, write the ones that you had already visited. This can also unveil the kind of travel you prefer. After writing the places you had been, write the ones that come to your mind and research those destinations with some online guides like guidesify.

Bucket list destinations

Where have you always wanted to go? Which international dish would you die to try? What specific sights do you have in mind? These are a few questions that people should do to find the topics for the bucket list. Let your imagination fly and don’t be afraid to dream big.

Each person has a different interest while traveling, some seek love, others look for adventure, mystery, nature, etc. Those who look for nature, should visit the South Islands of New Zealand? New Zealand is a place that feels like heaven on Earth and if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, you should keep this on your bucket list.

One destination that is always in the vogue for the lovers is the Colosseum and Fontana di Trevi in Rome. There are thousands of couples that want to throw away their lucky coin in the fountain with the promise of internal love. But on the other hand, there’s also the Taj Mahal in India, for the ones that want to see the strength of love but are not afraid to go further.

Adventure and nature are most of the time connected, like swimming under a huge waterfall in Thailand or trying an extreme sport underwater in Taiwan. Having this type of experience doesn’t mean that a person can’t do it without luxury. Discovering Asia, most exactly Pulau Ubin, 2nd largest island in Singapore, on a dreamy yacht adventure can be not only a great plan but also a different topic for your bucket list.

Teach and travel

Travelling may be a desire for many, but it is not always possible given the obstacles they face, such as lack of money or not being able to reconcile work with travel. The truth is, that some people change their lives for their travel goals so what if, you can do both? Teach, travel, and check your bucket list.

Teaching English as a foreign language abroad and online with TEFL is an ideal way to discover what each country has to offer at your own pace. You can work abroad, online, and learn to live like a local in the country you settle. For example, Taiwan used to be one of those TEFL destinations where you could just turn up with little more than a native ability, and you could land a job with ease. There’s a high demand for English teachers and various kindergarten teacher positions for native speakers.

Taiwan is a great destination for people that want to make savings while still having a great experience. Besides a clear and detailed teach in Taiwan, you will also find mesmerizing skyscrapers, stunning mountains, and national parks, where you can practice your extreme sports from your bucket list. You’ll find much to enjoy if you embark on a TEFL career in Taiwan.

Take a road trip

In the case that a car trip is on your bucket list, and you aren’t sure where to start a trip, whether it is in Taiwan or another country, a road trip could be the solution. You would be able to discover everything without schedules, go to places that nobody knows, and even make some friends while you do it.

If you travel alone, as a couple or with family, there are different routes too. Some people search for outrageous roads, where each corner breathes history and gives you thrills, like the Hardknott Pass in England. Others, prefer to ride through small villages, towns, and fields full of flowers, like the 130km mimosa route in France.

Having a road trip is undoubtedly an amazing experience, but you must consider that this type of travel comes with long periods of driving and sometimes can be tiring for some.

Do your research

Before arriving in any country, do your research and check which requirements are needed to enter the country, and which documents and visas are needed it. The world has changed in the last two years and probably your bucket list wishes, so search everything before you travel and see what is possible or not.

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