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A Luxurious 2D1N Sailcation to Pulau Ubin

Discover Sailing Asia 2D1N Sailcation Pulau Ubin Cover
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Are you ready for a dreamy yacht adventure to Pulau Ubin with your friends and family? Discover Sailing Asia may have a new “sailcation” just for you (continue reading for exclusive promo codes)!

Pulau Ubin is Singapore’s 2nd largest island after Pulau Tekong located off the north-eastern shore of Singapore and it’s a place that retains Singapore for what it was like back in the 50s and 60s. While heading there via the Changi Ferry Terminal is the most common and mainstream way, sailing there via yacht is surely going to make your trip much more extravagant.

From just SGD1,805 (up to 6 pax or COVID capped restrictions), this 2D1N sailcation package will make your group trip a much more wholesome one!

1) Head to SAF Yacht Club (Beside Sembawang Camp)

Deep inside Admiralty Road, arrive at SAF Yacht Club via ride-hailing
SAF Yacht Club Dock
Upon entering the club, walk through the massive hangars and meet the Discover Sailing Asia crew here.

Address: 43 Admiralty Rd W, Singapore 759962

How to get there: From Canberra MRT Station (NSL) exit C, take Bus No. 169 and alight 10 stops later Opposite Sembawang Shipyard G 8, and then walk 1.2km to reach the Yacht Club. This will take almost half an hour to arrive at your destination, so we recommend taking a cab instead to remain energised before the sailcation begins.

2) The Sail to Pulau Ubin Begins!

Captain Ben and his crew Teck begins to put up the main sail to leverage on what Captain Ben dubbed as “wind power”
It’s windy here! Sit back, enjoy, and relax.
A small tour to the yacht’s master cabin as part of your sailcation, in built with a mechanical toilet (pump and a switch instead of a button for regular home toilets)

Shortly after disembarking, the captain and his crew will turn off the motors and switch to relying fully on the wind. The eco-friendly sail to Pulau Ubin’s main entrance will take roughly 2 hours. Feel free to explore the yacht, sunbath on the roof, or even request the captain to let you take the wheel.

Optional Add on: Pre-purchase lunch at Smith Marine, Singapore’s first floating seafood restaurant, from Discover Sailing Asia’s website or bring your lunch onboard.

3) Welcome to Pulau Ubin – Singapore’s Paradise for Nature Lovers

Pak Ahmad’s Drink Stall – Feel free to take a refreshing coconut drink before heading down to Chek Jawa
The Common Pulai Heritage Tree – This majestic Common Pulai had a girth of 6.4m in 2003 when it was endorsed as a Heritage Tree. Experts believe that it has been around for more than a hundred years.
Park your bikes outside the entrance of Chek Jawa but bring your food and drinks in
After parking your bike outside the Chek Jawa’s entrance, remember to bring your food and drinks in to prevent this from happening to you!
Chek Jawa Trail 2
The Chek Jawa trail. You may choose to walk or cycle, but the dirt road trail leading up to the park entrance can be quite sloppy. Not advised for the unfit!
Have a beer at Yak Hong “mama” shop before or after your Ubin adventure.
Black parrot spotted at the mama shop! The owner mentioned that it was a gift from friends around a decade ago.

As there is no place for the yacht to dock, you will be transported to the shores of Ubin in a less boring way compared to the bumboats – via an inflatable boat.

Travel light, but be sure to bring along enough cash, mosquito repellent, and sunblock for the 2-3 hours you will spend here.

What to do: Choose to hike to Chek Jawa, the famous Puaka Hilltop view point, visit the German Girl Shrine for good luck, or simply chill at the provision shops for a beer or two. There are tons of things to do here and you won’t have enough time to visit all the different places of interest in Pulau Ubin, so choose what will suit your group best.

4) Sunset Kayaking at the Mangroves + BBQ Dinner!

Saying bye to the yacht once more while kayaking into the mangroves
Kayaking between Ketam Island and Pulau Ubin. Try to spot for mangrove oysters or mud crabs
As the sun sets, it is time to head back for a little surprise from the captain and his crew
Crew Teck hard at work. Enjoy a hearty barbeque feast on the yacht and have a cosy bonding session with your family and friends!

What to expect: Choose to have a splashing good time kayaking or paddle boarding while waiting for dinner to be served. Feel free to bring your own bottle (BYOB) to accompany it with the squids and satays, no corkage charges here! After dinner, it is time to retreat back to the cabins and call it a night.

5) Back to Mainland

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Wake up at first light to a tranquil and picturesque sunrise, keep your eyes peeled for rare bird species, komodo dragons, river otters and other thriving wildlife on Pulau Ubin.

Basic continental breakfast, i.e., cereal, bread with milk and juice, will be provided as you bid goodbye to Ubin and reach SAF Yacht club at around 10am.

Still persuading yourself to go on a sailcation? Say no more!

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