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Why Do You (as an iPhone user) Need EaseUs MobiMover

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As an iPhone user, admittedly, googling “how to transfer files from PC to iPhone without iTunes” or “how to transfer video from iPhone to PC” is the first thing people do after purchasing a new iPhone. 

Undeniably, iTunes as a mode to transfer data isn’t the most user-friendly and we’re sure that most of us agree that the process is slow and complicated. 

But as more and more options to transfer data pop up, people find themselves steering away from iTunes and opting for apps that can do the same function but in a hassle-free manner. 

Many third-party apps like EaseUs MobiMover are not only providing iPhone users features to transfer data without iTunes, these apps also provide file management services. 

TLDR: Is MobiMover Easy To Use?

Here’s why MobiMover is a great alternative to iTunes. It takes away all the gimmicks and complicated user interfaces.

And simplifies it to just 3 steps.

To emphasise our point, we will be exploring the PC to iPhone function.

MobiMover’s interface is fairly well-thought, where users can simply select what they need from the software for the current session. Click on PC to Phone and that’s step 1!

For step 2 and 3, press Select Files to open up a Windows Explorer Dialog Box. This allows you to select the files to be transferred for this session. Once done, MobiMover programmatically sorts the selected files in the file type categories such as Audio, Pictures, Videos and Contacts. 

Take a quick look before confirming by clicking on the Transfer button.

The only small grievance we had from utilising EaseUS’s MobiMover was that clicking on the desktop icon doesn’t minimize the window (you must click the minimize window icon instead).

Great Features: iOS Data Management, Downloading, Transferring and Transcoding Videos (File Format Compatibility Fix)

It is quite evident that EaseUs has always been ensuring that user experience is key to making good software since 2004. 

How so?

Evidently, every function offered by MobiMover can be executed in 3 simple steps. Even the Content Management feature, a feature that is extremely tedious to use and maintain on iTunes, and Video Downloader for iPhone.

An Easier Content Management System for iOS

The Guidesify team found the feature to be relatively quick and hassle-free as compared to iTunes and other alternatives. We particularly like the fact that MobiMover, once again, groups and presents the different file formats into categories.

The interface was also relatively quick and seamless. No lags and frustration was experienced that day.

Step 1: While connected to your device, click on Content Management on the left panel to view the categorised view of your files and data. Click on any of the categories and it should expand in a similar fashion as an iOS folder would.

(You can also change your software’s appearance to suit your eyes!)

Step 2: Select the files that you would like to manage. Multiple files from the same category can be selected at the same time. 

Step 3: On the same screen, choose between Add Contents, Transfer to PC, Delete or the More (represented with an ellipsis) button to transfer to another phone or perform a refresh on the detected files.

MobiMover Video Downloader Made for iOS

Ever downloaded a video and transferred to your iPhone, only to find that the video is in an incompatible format?

If your answer is yes, this may be a solution for you!

Step 1: Select the Video Downloader on the left panel. Be sure to select the iPhone as the destination device. This would ensure that the video is transcoded while being downloaded concurrently.

Step 2: Enter or paste the URL of the video you need. As EaseUS MobiMover supports over a thousand video sites, you can easily download the video by clicking on Download.

Step 3: The pasted URL will be analysed for suitability and compatibility, before downloading. Once it’s completed, the video can be viewed on your iPhone or on your desktop with no further action on your end.

What Are The Limitations Of The Free Version of MobiMover?

Here’s the difference between the Free and Pro versions at a glance. 

EaseUS MobiMover FreeEaseUS MobiMover Pro
Transfer limitations20 files per dayUnlimited
Import data from computer to iPhone/iPad
Transfer data from one iPhone/iPad to another
Export data from one iPhone/iPad to computer
Manage iPhone/iPad files easily
24 X 7 technical support

MobiMover Pro Version 

Depending on your needs and the frequency of your transfers, EaseUS has several packages for you to choose from. 

The MobiMover Pro Version is priced at US$23.95 for 1 month, US$$29.95 for 1 year and $69.95 for a lifetime subscription. 

Of course, the Pro Version provides a more comprehensive solution for you, with 24/7 technical support and unlimited file transfer daily. 

MobiMover Technician Mode: Unlocking Locked iOS Devices

On top of the MobiMover Pro version, EaseUS took a step further and developed the MobiMover Technician mode. 

This is made specifically for IT professionals and is targeted at meeting demands for businesses, from a single location or remote premises. This version also comes with a feature to unlock iPhones/iPads, should you be unable to unlock your device.


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