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Just 6 months ago, we have posted a comprehensive guide on VideoProc. It’s a useful tool that we focused mainly on its superb capability to fix any shaky videos. Well, there’s more to this 4K video editor (like converting MKV to MP4)!

P.S. Our reviews always contain a sweet treat for our readers, scroll down to grab a cool little freebie for yourself! 

VideoProc Anniversary – MKV to MP4 Converter Giveaway

VideoProc is the by far the strongest 4K video processing tool that we have come across so far. Powered by full GPU acceleration, it probably is a heap faster than free converter websites and software.

Lucky for you if you’re reading this, this premium software is free for a limited time yet again and you can download and register with a free license code here.

This giveaway version will be slightly similar to its last rendition, where users will enjoy all current version’s features (V3.4). This includes, but not limited to, converting source video/audio/DVD to more than 400 available formats, edit, adjust, resize, download, record, download online content, record desktop/iOS screen. 

To receive all future VideoProc software updates, users who have the giveaway software could upgrade it for only 29.95 USD (U.P. 78.90 USD). Quite a steal, isn’t it?

MKV vs MP4 – What’s the Difference?

We all know how common MP4 is these days; it’s probably the most used format across all devices and platforms. MKV, on the other hand, is not as portable as MP4 and is very much bigger in size file. 

It has gained lots of recognition recently with its main strength being the capability to contain an unlimited number of audio, video and subtitle files. Not to mention, the visual quality delivered on an MKV file is considerably higher than its highly compressed counterpart, the MP4 format (H264).

Naturally, there are drawbacks for the MKV format, where its high quality is substituted for lower portability. 

This is where a 4K MKV to MP4 converter could come in handy. 

In short, here are some of the many reasons why you would need to convert MKV to MP4:

  • MKV format might be unplayable or incompatible with different players or devices due to audio codec and other similar issues.
  • MKV videos are a lot heavier in size making it difficult to transfer, share and stream over the internet. For example, video uploads on YouTube or any other video sharing sites will take much longer, and not recommended.
  • MKV files will take up a lot of space on your laptops, which is problematic if you are already struggling with storage issues. Compressing videos to MP4 format can be of great help in such cases.

Why Choose VideoProc as Your MKV to MP4 Video Converter

As the demand for 4K video continues to rise, so must the quality of a video converter software. Gone were the days where online or free tools suffice. Many such tools impose a small file size limit, which isn’t too ideal for 4K videos and longer videos.

Fortunately, there’s VideoProc, which is why we recommend getting the giveaway version while it stands.

Its interface is easy to use, videos are fast to import and is also capable of converting large 4K videos (without freezing or crashing). 

Furthermore, although VideoProc is a quality-oriented engine, it still contains features for space-conscious users to keep large 4K videos small in size.

Here’s a list of other notable features we found useful while using VideoProc:

  • Almost all types of video formats are supported
  • Sleek user interface
  • Numerous video customization settings for advanced users, e.g. resolution, bit-rate, video quality etc.
  • Supports 4K resolution and 1:1 video conversion
  • Built-in video editor with all basic tools which includes cut, crop, rotate, subtitles etc. The cut tool is a lot more advanced as it allows applying multiple cuts in a video simultaneously, not just one at a time.
  • Fully supports hardware acceleration technologies like Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia CUDA, and AMD Acceleration. If your computer supports any of these technologies then video conversion will become a lot quicker.
  • Process DVDs (copy and rip)
  • Can be used as a video downloader
  • Can be used as a screen recorder

Our Take – VideoProc Rating 4.9/5

It lost a tiny 0.1 point as it’s not a free converter, but we can’t seem to get critical about this MKV to MP4 software. VideoProc is a superior powerful video converter with high versatility and flexibility. Say no to free/online converters. Go for the better option. 

Try VideoProc and let us know what you think!


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