Why some of us just don’t enjoy Final Fantasy XV (FFXV)

Why some of us just don't enjoy FFXV
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The longest game we waited forever since it started development back in 2006. Renamed (was Final Fantasy Versus XIII), redesigned, remade in so many ways to finally give us this version of FFXV presented to us. However here are the reasons why we just don’t find it right:


1. Draggy and long-winded

The loading times are outrageous for an open world concept game. Games like Batman Arkham Knight have already advanced with zero loading times, and that was in 2015.

On TOP of that, the idea to make it realistic and enjoyable st the same time just wasn’t a good mix. The long car rides, Chocobo trips, unnecessary, boring animations of Noctis pumping petrol was just adding to the boredom and dragging the game. Personally, I took 20 hours to complete the main story but taking away all those wasting time factors, FFXV probably only needed 8-10 hours. You can imagine just how many times I put down my controller and use my phone instead while waiting for almost everything in the game to happen.

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2. Bad romance plot

The whole love thingy between Noctis and Luna is just Plain Bad. Not a single cutscene of them still alive spending time together, no development at all except a few flashbacks to the time they spent when they were kids. Also, why would they need a dog called Umbra and a scrapbook to converse?! Why are they not using their smartphones? Final Fantasy XV is so confusing that we don’t even know which era is the story based.

3. Poor game mechanics

Glitchy, parrying doesn’t work 100% of the time, boyband members can’t seem to contribute much in battles other than a few skills to boost stats. 

Take a look at this and just feel bad for one of the many players that experience this:

In conclusion, there are many other reasons why this game is a disappointment but note that it is still worth playing, only that it feels like a game that’s rushed out in a year rather than a game carefully planned and developed for ten years. Other than that, the story was pleasant, and the animations were epic!  Are we finally done with this franchise? Share this article now and see what others think!

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