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How Gamers Can Benefit from a VPN

Gaming Gamers VPN
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VPN is useful for many things, primarily to obfuscate your digital footprint and let you enjoy the luxuries of privacy – an elusive rarity in the modern world. On a more light-hearted note, it is not all about avoiding the Big Brother. For example, VPN is a must-have for any self-respecting gamer.

Catch an early release before everyone else in your country

(well… except for other smart ones who also use VPN).

New games or downloadable content may get released in your country with a delay, and the official downloads are location-locked (based on your IP address). With VPN, you can easily select a country with the earliest release (normally North America or Japan) and be among the first to get access to the game. In addition, you may also get a fairer price for downloaded content if you do a little research to determine which country offers the best rates for the best stuff on the market.

Again, in some countries, certain games are banned – for whatever ideological reason. With VPN masking your physical location you can choose to be in any country where censorship is not an issue.

Access games, DLC content, PSN/ Xbox Live only available in a specific country or region.

Any VPN provider allows you to select the country through which your traffic will be routed to the server. Usually, you can pretend to be in a different country only to download the titles, and then switch off the VPN to revert to your standard connection. But a lot of DLCs require you to be in the original country of purchase network to get access to downloadable content. VPN will serve the same purpose if you are abroad and want to log in with IP from your original country – and protect your computer from the dangers of connecting to a public network.

Got banned for implementing ‘creative’ techniques to win?

What’s normally banned is not your account, but your IP – to prevent you from reaccessing the game (or temporarily). As you might have guessed, VPN is the ultimate tool to mask your real IP address and give you the opportunity to switch between VPN servers and keep smashing that game.

Protect yourself from DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

DDoS attacks essentially flood the server with so much traffic that it ends up shutting down for the lack of bandwidth. If a DDoS attack targets your gaming server, VPN will add a layer of protection by acting as a proxy to your network infrastructure and masking your IP, and the attack will not affect your computer or connection speed. If a VPN server goes down because of DDoS attack, you can simply switch to another one and continue the game without a hitch.

VPN can reduce ping times

Ping times refer to the amount of time that elapses to send the data between your computer and the server) and overall lag, providing shorter connections between you and the game server. This means better gaming speed and no network disruption. Without it, you may often face problems like ISP throttling (when your internet service provider decides to temporarily cap your bandwidth, trying to subtly push you towards buying a more expensive subscription), or server location far from the game server. With it, you can hook your computer directly to the server in the same country where the game server is located.

As usual, VPN is there to protect the personal data you entrust to your gaming server. The encrypted private network will prevent your data from leaking where it shouldn’t. But besides that, VPN will allow you to be in any country virtually. For multiplayer games, you would generally be hooked to the server nearest to you (that is, your IP location). If you are based halfway across the world from the friends you want to play with, using VPN and configuring it to the relevant region will improve your ‘ping’ to the right server. Even if a game requires you to have an IP from a specific country, it is all you need to get access to the network.

Finally, it gives you an advantage not only on a PC. Most major providers also offer mobile versions (for iOS and Android), if you prefer gaming on the move. Moreover, a good VPN provider supports at least 3-5 devices connected simultaneously on one subscription.

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