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Get More From Your PPC Campaigns

Online Marketing Foundations
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The clue is in the title here – after all PPC means pay per click, which also means for every prospect clicking through to your website you will be charged a fee. Of course, that means ensuring you get the best return on your investment possible is essential. The good news is you can find out all about how to do this in the post below.  

Make sure your website can keep up 

It may sound basic, but it bears repeating. To run a successful PPC Campaign your website needs to be up to scratch. Indeed, the whole point of PPC is to get a prospect to click through to your site, so it isn’t a lot of use if that site is slow, badly formatted, or otherwise puts off visitors. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to focus on the basics including making sure that your site loads fast and it’s optimized for mobile too. 

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Additionally, you will need to make sure that the design is done well and includes short paragraphs broken up with titles and subtitles. Indeed, if your website is nothing more than a static catalog for your products it’s very unlikely to encourage customers to stay and browse. Then there is the issue of selecting the right type of font, and even the way that you structure your site to make sure it’s easy to navigate and for visitors to find what they need. 

Last, of all, don’t forget that your site needs to be secure for it to be effective in your PPC campaign. Indeed, Google demotes sites that do not have HTTPS security, so all your PPC hard work and payment could be going to waste if you don’t manage this beforehand.  

Pay attention to your keywords 

When it comes to PPC setting up your campaign keywords and then leaving them to work their magic isn’t really where it’s at. Instead, you need to keep an eye on your keywords and how they are doing, taking payments from the ones that aren’t doing as well as putting these into the boost the ones that are doing better. You can even take payments from the low-performing keywords and add this money to new keywords that are likely to get you more business. 

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Also when it comes to keywords, getting negative is crucial. That’s not to say you want to fill your PPC campaign with negative words though. Instead, it’s about making proper use of the negative keyword feature, which allows you to add keywords that are similar or include your terms, but that you don’t want to be ranked for. 

For example, say you want to be ranked for makeup artistry? Then by adding the negative keyword cake artistry you will prevent your advert from coming up in the wrong kind of searchers, something that should help make sure your campaign is as efficient as possible. 

Last, of all, you can always add a local keyword to increase your chances of a click-through from people in your area. So instead of a “makeup artist”, you could use “makeup artist, New York.” 

Use all the tricks in the book

There is nothing wrong with using a few ‘tricks’ in your PPC campaign, as long as you don’t mislead your customers. In particular, making use of free add-ons can help provide additional information to your prospects, increasing the chances they will click through. Be sure to pick add-ons that reflect your business in the best light, including ones that reference your social following numbers, good reviews, or even provide an extension to your website. 

Make use of local landing pages 

As you will already know, making pages as personal as possible is crucial when it comes to successful marketing. The good news is that localization is one way that you can help make your PPC campaigns more effective. For example, by creating multiple landing pages, each one localized to a specific area you can provide information that is both more personalized and relevant to the user, something that should help convert their visit into a sale. 

Test it all 

Another way that you can get the most from your PPC campaigns is to make sure you test the landing pages that you offer each time. Of course, many things can impact whether a customer makes a purchase or not so you will have to consider these carefully. 

The good news is it’s even easier to AB test landing pages now. Indeed, many search engines like Google have the facilities for you to do it within their PPC interface – so no excuses for missing out on this one! 

Try remarketing 

One of the most effective uses for PPC is remarketing or retargeting. Indeed, by using this approach you can ensure the maximum efficiency of every click-through, even the ones that didn’t make a purchase the first time. 

This is because retargeting is all about collecting the data of visitors to use at a later date, something that means you can send them ads to your products on social media and other platforms. After all, if they click through once then there was something about your product that they liked, and this means they are a much better prospect than a cold lead. 

The good news is that the way the internet is currently set up means retargeting is pretty easy, and businesses that want to get the most from their PPC campaigns would do well to utilize it. 

Focus on the channels that deliver the most conversions.

Over time, you’ll see which of your ad channels are making the most conversions.

To begin with, your PPC adverts are likely to include a range of different social media platforms, as well as different search engines. However, over time it will become very clear which platforms are most successful in getting your click-throughs. 

Of course, that means it is wise to cut the funding from the platforms that are performing well and reinvest this into the ones that are. Indeed, this is precisely what you need to do to ensure success and maximize your return on investment. 

You can even quickly and easily calculate your ROI across a range of platforms by using responsive PPC campaign management software. Just be sure to choose some that can be specially crafted for this task, and that are easy to read and use as this will save you a great deal of precious time, as well as help you maximize your returns. 

Utilize Urgency 

Just as in any other type of marketing such as metatags or content titles using an appeal to emotion can be very useful in PPC. In particular, playing on a sense of scarcity and urgency can be very effective here, as you can trigger emotions of not wanting to miss out on your customers. 

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A particularly good example of this is when you see an advert that also has information about how many people are looking at the product right now. Indeed, it creates that sense of uncertainty in the customer encouraging them to click through and secure their purchase now before you run out. 

Final thoughts 

PPC campaigns can be a great way to encourage people to visit your site and buy your products. However, it is vital that you approach your PPC campaigns with just as much gusto and expertise as you would any other marketing endeavor. Otherwise, you may end up wasting valuable resources and opportunities that could otherwise be enhancing the success of your venture. 

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