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In what ways are VR technologies affecting the entertainment and retail industries?

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Retail and entertainment industries are aggressively implementing the new virtual reality technologies into their operations and activities. In this article, we are going to talk about the most interesting methods entertainment and retail businesses are employing virtual reality technologies and how they are transforming these sectors.


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You probably didn’t know, but virtual reality is becoming increasingly more common in shopping malls and leisure venues. In addition to being a good shopping alternative, it’s a terrific spot to hang out and enjoy yourself. Any retail complexes with virtual reality entertainment offered to customers is getting an edge. Such an entertainment spot can easily draw between one to two thousand curious costumes every day who never tried this before. This small addition to the business increases the average time that visitors spend there. The so called “Living Digital Lives” trend is fueling the need for virtual reality technology in the entertainment and retail industries not because people have a particular thing to do, but rather because of all the outstanding experiences that they have in it in general.

Already the most renowned retail complex “The Dubai Mall” has established a virtual reality park, which allows visitors from all over the world to experience classic computer games in a virtual environment. All the common popular games are available there. Recently, a number of shopping malls in the United States have created such parks too, that based on popular films such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park. It is interesting how traditional casino businesses will answer to this new trend. For instance, it will be really interesting to know how to play Crazy Time in a virtual reality setting. Also, these parks are not required to have a particular theme or setting. It can easily be a good place that is geared at team building, with nearly all the venues being designed for groups of people.

There are already businesses that feature a virtual reality movie hall. For instance, through the use of virtual reality technology, visitors are able to interact with the fish. But there is a lot more. Not only can you swim with fish in virtual reality, but you can also feed the fish or pet in a way.

Some bars in Japan are using VR tech in a unique combination of virtual reality technology and gourmet food. The VR headgear can be worn by a customer, and it allows him or her to engage with the place through light plays, vivid visual storytelling, and interactive features that are integrated into the design. Also, this allows for a 3d menus with which you are able to see the menu as if it is already cooked and is in front of you on the table. Such places already receive, on average, higher rating and reviews that traditional alternatives. Reservations for such places already must be made at least two to three months in advance. These businesses have begun to offer franchising opportunities and already have established nationwide chains of virtual reality parks in shopping malls.


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