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Krisp Review: The Lifesaver for your Zoom Meetings?

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Are you working from home? Chances are, you have very likely experienced some disruptive (and embarrassing) moments during at least one of the many Zoom meetings at home. Screaming babies, barking dogs or even noise from the fan… the list goes on. Of course, most of us would have self-cultivated a good habit of muting ourselves whenever we are not speaking, albeit primitive and does not solve the issue at its core. What if we told you that there’s an AI-powered app capable of cancelling any kind of background noise for any communication app? And the free noise cancelling app is called Krisp.

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Krisp Download 2022

An AI-powered app capable of cancelling any kind of background noise for any communication app

What’s so great about Krisp? 

Although its competitors are coming up with their own beta versions of a noise cancellation app, Krisp is the first of its kind.

How does this noise cancelling powerhouse work?

Krisp works in realtime for any of your communication apps and separates the background noise from human voices. 

It also supports two-way noise removal which means both noises from outgoing and ingoing audio streams are processed and eliminated by Krisp. 

That means the distracting keyboard clatter from your colleagues could be eliminated as well.

How to use Krisp?

Sounds complicated? It really isn’t as the Krisp team are literal geniuses. 

They have managed to design such a simple interface to control Krisp’s functionality with only 2 buttons:

krisp noise cancelling app

Now, we can’t say that Krisp is the best lifesaver for your home meetings without handing out some evidence to back this up. 

Fortunately, BBC Click made a demo to test the limits of how far Krisp can go.

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn neat!

How to get Krisp Pro for Free?

As COVID-19 continues to people and countries around the world, many of us are transitioning to remote work and home-schooling. 

Krisp has decided to make their service free for the following people:

  • Teachers/Students
  • Hospitals/Government organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Hospital and government workers
  • Educational Institutions/Universities

All you gotta do is to create a free account on Krisp here using your work or school email address and shoot them an inquiry. You will be guaranteed 6 months of Krisp Pro plan for free! 

If you do not fall into the categories above, no worries, you can still get your Krisp Pro account for free.

Through your word of mouth and friend referrals. 

You can extend your free usage period of Krisp Pro by 2 months when you invite your friends and they will get 1 month for free! 

And this is unlimited. 

You can invite up to an unlimited amount of friends and get your Krisp Pro continuously for free! 

But bear in mind that the accounts have to be different and be installed on different computers. 

To get the free months of Pro, your account should be on the free plan when your invitation is being accepted.

If you’re on a Krisp Pro plan, only your friend will get 1 month of free Krisp Pro. 

If all else fails then well, the original pricing of the Krisp Pro plan at $3.33 per month sounds pretty worth it too!

Especially if it helps you and your organisation work more productively.

Pros & Cons of Using Krisp

If you are sceptical of this technology or simply just want to use it for your short interview call, the free plan comes with 120 minutes of free usage every week.

You’re able to turn it on and off simply with a button and it’s available for installation on multiple operating systems including Windows, Macs, Chrome and iOS.

To top it off, it works with any video conferencing app, ranging from Zoom to Google Hangouts to Skype! 

However, on the flip side, the chrome extension currently does not work on the Zoom Chrome App and does not allow you to filter the recipient’s audio.

It is also a known fact that the filter may make your voice sound a bit robotic while filtering out too much of your background noise. The founder acknowledges this problem and has promised to roll out better technology that will prevent this from happening – So keep your eyes and ears peeled! 

Krisp Phone also does not work the same way as Krisp itself, i.e. filtering out background noises from your Zoom calls. Instead, its functionality differs a lot and works more as a second phone number (only works in US/Canada) with its noise reduction AI as the ‘side dish’.

Are there any Krisp alternatives?


The most prominent alternative to Krisp is Nvidia RTX Voice which comes as a free plugin if your PC comes with an Nvidia RTX graphics card. Both technologies seem to work in a similar fashion.

However, if you have watched the embedded YouTube video above, it should be apparent that Krisp fared slightly better in noise cancellation.

Nevertheless, we recommend sticking to RTX Voice if you already have it. 

Well, since it’s free!

Other alternatives include:

  • NoiseGator 
  • Solicall
  • Cadmus (for Linux)
  • Noise Blocker by Closed Loop Labs
  • NoiseTorch (for Linux)

Telecommunicating apps will undoubtedly take over most if not all physical meetings as there is no longer a ‘normal’ due to COVID-19. Being able to meet anyone via apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts is a testament that physical seminars and global conferences are a thing of the past.

This wonder, however, also has its drawbacks; the biggest drawback being background noise.

Krisp is not only lightweight but brings the true power of noise cancellation to your meetings.

Even Discord knows that and has partnered with Krisp not long ago to integrate the intelligent noise filter into all its voice calls.

Krisp Logo
Krisp Download 2022

An AI-powered app capable of cancelling any kind of background noise for any communication app

Enough reading! Download Krisp and hear it for yourself!


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