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Technology Tips For Remote Working During COVID-19

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COVID-19 has spread across the world, and infected over one million people – and every day, there are thousands of more infections. This has completely changed the world of work, with millions of people in every country now working from home/remote working.

While this is essential to flatten the curve, it can be stressful and difficult for people who have not worked from home before. Thankfully there are lots of tips and tricks you can use to make remote working easier.

Here are five useful technology tips for remote working during COVID-19.


If you are working from home and you are using a personal laptop or computer, you may want to ensure that all of your work files get automatically backed up and synced. This reduces the chance of your losing work, and it does not take much effort at all; you just need to download a free cloud resource, so your documents will be synced automatically.

It is also possible that your company pays a subscription service to a cloud resource. If this is the case, you may not need to download anything yourself. Contact the company you work for to find out if you already have the resource on your device, or if they can provide you with it.

Customer Service

If you run a small business and you are now providing customer service remotely, you may want to use an automatic Help Desk to deal with customer queries. You can use the help desk to provide specific answers to specific queries, and once you have done this, the process will be completed automatically. This means that all customer queries will be dealt with quickly and effectively, so you can focus on other tasks that need completing, making remote working easy and efficient.

Encrypted Messaging

It is possible to use WhatsApp to send encrypted text messages that contain sensitive information. It is possible to send these texts out to up to 250 people at once, which is very useful – but if you do this, we do suggest disabling the group chats feature to avoid receiving lots of response messages!

However, we do not suggest doing this with very personal information, as it is still possible for scammers to hack your WhatsApp. However, it can be used for private messages that do not contain sensitive information.


If you are currently working from a public WiFi network and you want to stay safe, only go to sites with HTTPS in the URL. This will reduce the chance of you visiting an unsafe site that could steal personal information from your computer.

Video Chat

Finally, there are lots of video chat tools you can use to keep in touch with your employees and clients while remote working. Zoom is a very popular option as it is free and easy to use, but there are lots of other video chat options online for you to choose from.

Remote working can be a challenge, but these tips should make it easier for you to stay safe and productive.

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