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50 Bad Habits during National Service (NS) in Singapore

Bad Habits Army
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During National Service (NS) in Singapore, not all boys become men at the end of the day. It is an undeniable fact that possibly all of us in the army will follow the 9th core value of the SAF: “Do but don’t get caught” Here’s a list of bad habits we soldiers have while serving our nation!

1. Wearing Inner Shirt (Depending on Company/Unit’s Stand)

SAF Admin Tee

2. Lying on bed before showering

3. Walking around half-naked (bottom or top half)

4. Walking around in your underwear

5. Stockpiling snacks in your cupboard

6. Bringing multiple portable chargers to camp

7. Singing badly in the shower

8. Never bathe

9. Never bathe with soap

10. Still not gonna bathe after outfield because you are too lazy

11. Smoking secretly

12. Blindly follow orders

13. Asking why to every single order

Why gif

14. Using swear words every single sentence

15. Talking while patrolling during guard duty

16. Maintaining distance while patrolling during guard duty

17. Swapping your guard duty at the last-minute

18. Commanders slinging field chair over the shoulders

19. Very picky at Cookhouse

20. Not scanning your 11B

21. Asking your friend to help you scan for your meals


22. Secretly skipping breakfast

23. Never caps/beret off upon entering cookhouse

24. Going to the Muslim side for food (or non-halal side depending on your dietary preferences)

25. Anyhow swinging arms while marching

26. Claiming that your arms are too big to maintain 90 45



27. Repeating “echo after xxx” because you are too shy to lead the song while marching

28. Stirring shit about other people

29. Claiming that you were not the one who stirred shit

30. Boot-lick someone and then gossip about him behind his back

31. Punish men because of bad mood

32. Punish men like it is something fun to do

33. Avoiding Arrows

34. Anyhow Shoot Arrows

35. Deflecting Arrows

36. Taking all the Arrows

37. Take one Arrow and boast to everyone

Big Deal


38. Chao Keng

39. Bringing comfort items to outfield

40. Waking everyone up early because you set 20 alarms and didn’t hear any of them

41. Always doing girl push-ups when punished just because you are lazy

42. Picking up the soap bar

43. Calling your girlfriend every night without fail

44. Worrying about losing your girlfriend 

45. Always talking about your girlfriend and irritate the shit out of your friends

46. Using tinder with a big group of friends surrounding you

47. Sleep late and complain about you didn’t get “7 hours of uninterrupted rest”

That's what she said


48. Persuading your friends to help you put on your bed sheets

49. Letting your family wash your army clothes after bookout

50. Claiming you are too tired from the army and refuse to help out at home with chores etc.

Click here for Part 2

That’s all for now. Let’s us know more bad habits you guys have during NS (MINDEF watching tho) in the comments section! Seriously, give us a page like if you enjoyed it!

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